Table of contents for Prevention effectiveness : a guide to decision analysis and economic evaluation / edited by Anne C. Haddix, Steven M. Teutsch, Phaedra S. Corso.

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    Contributors, xix

 1. Introduction, 1
    Steven M. Teutsch, Jeffrey R. Harris

 2. Study Design, 11
   Paul G. Farnham, Anne C. Haddix

 3. Measuring Effectiveness, 28
   K. Robin Yabroff, Jeanne Mandelblatt

 4. Costs, 53
   Anne C. Haddix, Phaedra S. Corso, Robin D. Gorsky

 5. Quality of Life, 77
   ErikJ. Dasbach, Steven M. Teutsch

 6. Time Effects, 92
   Phaedra S. Corso, Anne C. Haddix

 7. Decision Analysis, 103
   SueJ. Goldie, Phaedra S. Corso

 8. Cost-Benefit Analysis, 127
   Mark Messonnier, Martin Meltzer

 9. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, 156
   Thomas L. Gift, Anne C. Haddix, Phaedra S. Corso

10. Using Economic Evaluations in Decision Making, 178
   Joanna E. Siegel, Carolyn M. Clancy


   A. Glossary, 199

   B. Recommendations, 211


   C. Software, 214
      Richard D. Rheingans

   D. Worked Example: Cost-Effectiveness of Postexposure Prophylaxis Following
      Sexual Exposure to Human Immunodeficiency Virus, 217
      Harrell W Chesson, Steven D. Pinkerton

   E. Sources for Collecting Cost-of-Illness Data, 232
      Laurie A. Ferrell

   F. Cost-to-Charge Ratios, 239

   G. Discount and Annuitization Tables, 241

   H. Consumer Price Index, 244

   I. Productivity Loss Tables, 245
      Scott D. Grosse

   Index, 259