Table of contents for Women transforming Congress / edited by Cindy Simon Rosenthal.

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Chapter 1.  Introduction                                      3
            Cindy Simon Rosenthal
Chapter 2.  Knowing Congress as a Gendered Institution:
            Manliness and the Implications of Women
            in Congress                                       20
            Georgia Duerst-Lahti
Chapter 3.  Representing Women: Congresswomen's
            Perceptions of Their Representational Roles       50
            Susan J. Carroll
Chapter 4.  Congress and the Transformation of the
            Women's Movement                                  69
            Anne Costain and Heather Fraizer

Chapter 5.  Women's Changing Pathways to the U.S. House of
            Representatives: Widows, Elites, and Strategic
            Politicians                                         95
            Irwin N. Gertzog
Chapter 6.  Women as Candidates in Congressional Elections     19
            Richard E. Matland and David C. King
Chapter 7.  Are Women Candidates Transforming Campaign
            Communication? A Comparison of Advertising
            Videostyles in the 1990S                           146
            Dianne Bystrom and Lynda Lee Kaid
Chapter 8.  Female Legislators and the Women's Rights
            Agenda: From Feminine Mystique to Feminist Era    170
            Christina Wolbrecht
Chapter 9.  The Gendering of Cancer Policy: Media Advocacy
            and Congressional Policy Attention                240
            Karen M. Kedrowski and Marilyn Stine Sarow
Chapter 10. Transforming the Agenda: Analyzing Gender
            Differences in Women's Issue Bill Sponsorship     260
            Michele L. Swers
Chapter 1l. Women, Committees, and Institutional Change
            in the Senate                                     284
            Laura W. Arnold and Barbara M. King
Chapter 12. Transforming Policy from the Inside: Participation
            in Committee                                      316
            Noelle H. Norton
Chapter 13. Invisible Power: Congressional Staff and
            Representation behind the Scenes                  341
            Cindy Simon Rosenthal and Lauren Cohen Bell
Chapter 14. Enlarging Representation: Women Bringing
            Marginalized Perspectives to Floor Debate
            in the House of Representatives                   370
            Katherine Cramer Walsh
Chapter 15. Legislative Careers: The Personal and the Political  397
            Sue Thomas, Rebekah Herrick, and Matthew Braunstein


Chapter 16. Representing Women in Britain and the United States:
            The Quest for Numbers and Power                  422
            Joyce Gelb

Chapter 17. Transforming the Future through New Leadership  445
            Cindy Simon Rosenthal