Table of contents for Rushed to judgment : talk radio, persuasion, and American political behavior / David C. Barker.

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1 Introduction i

  Political Persuasion, Propaganda, and Media Effects 4
     Persuasion Variables 6
     Media Effects 7
     Heresthetic Io
     The Construction of Political Meaning z

2 Political Talk Radio and Its Most Prominent Practitioner 14

  Background I5
  Format 17
  Media Portrayal 8
  Audience I9
  Content 23
  Limbaugh 24
  Summary 28

3 Toward a Value Heresthetic Model of Political Persuasion 30

  A Model of Value Heresthetic, Rhetoric, and Persuasion
  Through Talk Radio 34


   Experimental Analysis 40
     Recruitment and Subject Profile 41
     Specific Procedures 43
     The Stimuli 44
     Specific Hypotheses 45
     Selection Bias? 46
     Results 47
  Discussion 53

4 Talk Radio, Public Opinion, and Vote Choice:
  The "Limbaugh Effect," 994-96 56

  Methodological Issues 58
  Limbaugh and Public Opinion-Cross-sectional Evidence  59
     Two-Stage Least-Squares Analysis 6z
  Limbaugh and Opinion Change-Panel Evidence 68
     Support for Dole 71
     Vote Choice 7z
  Conclusion 73

5 Talk Radio, Opinion Leadership, and Presidential Nominations:
  Evidence from the zooo Republican Primary Battle 75

  Vote Choice in Primary Elections 76
  The Struggle for the zooo Republican Presidential
  Nomination 78
  Research Design and Methodology 80
     The Sample 80
     Dependent Variables 80
     Independent and Control Variables 83
     Findings 83
     Sophistication 88
  Discussion 9o

6 The Talk Radio Community: Nontraditional Social Networks and
  Political Participation 92

  The Efficacy-Priming Experiment 94
     Experimental Results 97
  Constructing Reality from Pseudosocial Networks 99


     Measurement Ioo
     Results: Political Efficacy IOI
     Results: Participation I03
  Discussion I04

7 Information, Misinformation, and Political Talk Radio o6

  Research Design and Methodology Io9
     The Sample Io9
     Measurement of Dependent Variables 111
  Intercorrelations and Model Specification 114
  Findings II5
     Political Talk Radio and Information II 5
     Political Talk Radio and Misinformation II6
  Discussion  117

8 Conclusion   19

  Understanding Political Persuasion i zo
  Deliberative Democracy  123
  Media Effects z6

  Appendix A. The Limbaugh Message I29

  Appendix B. Excerpts from the Rhetoric Stimulus I3I

  Appendix C. Excerpts from the Value Heresthetic Stimulus 133


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