Table of contents for Nuclear power and the spread of nuclear weapons : can we have one without the other? / edited by Paul L. Leventhal, Sharon Tanzer, and Steven Dolley ; foreword by Edward J. Markey.

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1. Introduction: Nucear Power without Proliferation?       1
   Paul L. Leventhal
2. Rapporteur's Summary of the Nuclear Control Institute
   Twentieth Anniversary Conference                        13
   Steven Dolley

           Part I: How Essential Is Nuclear Power?
3. Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation         47
   Ambassador Robert L. Gallucci
4. Nuclear Power and Proliferation                         57
   Richard Rhodes
5. Why Nuclear Power's Failure in the Marketplace Is
   Irreversible (Fortunately for Nonproliferation and
   Climate Protection)                                     69
   Amory B. Lovins
6. Nuclear and Alternative Energy Supply Options for an
   Environmentally Constrained World: A Long-term
   Perspective                                             85
   Robert H. Williams


7. A World with, or without, Nuclear Power?             123
    RichardL. Garwin

      Part II: Can Nuclear Power Be Made Proliferation-
           Resistant and Free of Long-Lived Wastes?

8. Attempts to Reduce the Proliferation Risks of Nuclear
    Power: Past and Current Initiatives                  143
    Marvin Miller
9. Technical Opportunities for Increasing Proliferation
    Resistance of Nuclear Power Systems (TOPS) Task Force  157
    James A. Hassberger
10. The Limits of Technical Fixes                        167
    Edwin S. Lyman

             Part III: The Role of Nuclear Power
             in the Acquisition of Nuclear Weapons
11. Overview of Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons        185
    Zachary S. Davis

12. Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons in India, Pakistan,
    and Iran                                             189
    George Perkovich
13. The Nonproliferation Regime and Fissile Materials    201
    Lawrence Scheinman 
14. Closing Thoughts on Nonproliferation:
    The Need for Rigor                                   213
    PaulL. Leventhal

                Part IV: Three Closing Views

15. An Industralist's View                               225
    Bertram Wolfe
16. An Arms Controller's View                            229
    Harold A. Feiveson

17. A Historian's View                                         233
    William Lanouette