Table of contents for Asian American politics : law, participation, and policy / edited by Don T. Nakanishi and James S. Lai.

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Introduction: Understanding Asian American Politics              1
    Don T. Nakanishi and James S. Lai

Part I Historical Forms of Civic Engagement and Protest:
       Selected United States Supreme Court Cases
 Introduction                                                     19
 Historical Struggles for Equal Protection Rights
 1.1 Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356 (1886)                      23
 1.2 Korematsu v. United States, 323 U.S. 214 (1944)              29
 Historical Struggles for Naturalization Rights
 1.3  Takao Ozawa v. United States, 260 U.S. 178 (1922)           35
 1.4  United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind, 261 U.S. 204 (1923)   41

Part II The Impact of Immigration Laws on Asian America
 Introduction                                                     47
 2.1 Immigration Act of 1924                                      51
     Lee A. Makela

 2.2  Making and Remaking Asian Pacific America: Immigration Policy  81
     Bill Ong Hing

Part III The Period of Political Incorporation
        (1965 to Present)
 Introduction                                                     89
 Political Research and Demographic Trends
 3.1 Asian American Politics: An Agenda for Research              93
     Don T Nakanishi
 3.2 Becoming Citizens, Becoming Voters: The Naturalization and
     Political Participation of Asian Pacific Immigrants      113
     Paul M. Ong and Don T Nakanishi
 The Asian American Movement and Beyond: 1960 to Present
 3.3 The 'Four Prisons' and the Movements of Liberation:
     Asian American Activism from the 1960s to the 1990s      135
     Glenn Omatsu
 3.4 Serve the People: An Exploration of the Asian
     American Movement                                          163
     Kim Geron
 Transnational Politics and Identities
 3.5 New Immigrants, New Forms of Transnational Community:
     Post-1965 Indian Migrations                                181
     Sandhya Shukla
 Asian Pacific American Voting Behavior
 3.6 Ethnicity and Political Adaptation: Comparing Filipinos,
     Koreans, and the Vietnamese in Southern California       193
     Pei-te Lien
 3.7 Gender and Political Involvement among Chinese Americans
     in Southern California                                     211
     Janelle S. Wong
 Asian Pacific American Non-Voting Behavior
 3.8 Beyond "Politics by Other Means"? Empowerment Strategies
     for Los Angeles' Asian Pacific Community                   231
     Harold Brackman and Steven P. Erie
 Prospects for Pan-Ethnicity: Coalition or Competition?
 3.9 Asian Pacific Americans and the Pan-Ethnic Question      247
     James S. Lai

 Politics, Media, and Racial Profiling
 3.10  The Backdoor and the Backlash: Campaign Finance and the
      Politicization of Chinese Americans                      261
      Taeku Lee
 3.11  Race, Class, Citzenship, and Extraterritoriality: Asian
      Americans and the 1996 Campaign Finance Scandal          281
      L. Ling-chi Wang
 3.12  Profiling Principle: The Prosecution of Wen Ho Lee and the
      Defense of Asian Americans                               297
      Frank H. Wu
 3.13  Wen Ho Lee and the Consequences of Enduring Asian
      American Stereotypes                                     303
      Spencer K. Turnbull
 Elected Leadership
 3.14 Campaigns, Elections, and Elected Officials               317
     James S. Lai, Wendy K. Tam-Cho, Thomas P. Kim, and
     Okiyoshi Takeda
 3.15  Transcending the Bamboo and Glass Ceilings:
     Defining the Trajectory to Empower Asian Pacific Islander
     American Women in Politics                               331
     Elena Ong
 3.16  Remarks at the Tenth Annual Conference of the
      Committee of 100                                         355
      Elaine L. Chao
 3.17  The One-Hundred Year Journey: From Houseboy to the
      Governor's Office                                        359
      Gary Locke
 3.18  Remarks at the University of Rochester Annual
     Meliora Weekend                                          365
     Norman Y Mineta
 3.19  My Story: Being American Means Setting Expectations High  369
     David Wu

Part IV Contemporary Public Policy Issues in the New Millennium
 Introduction                                                   373
 Affirmative Action
 4.1  The Affirmative Action Divide                             377
    Paul M. Ong

 Japanese American Redress and Reparations
 4.2 Japanese American Redress: The Proper Alignment Model       407
    Harry H. L. Kitano and Mitchell T Maki
 Labor Organizing
 4.3 Building an Asian Pacific Labor Alliance:
    A New Chapter in Our History                               421
    Kent Wong
 Urban Riots: A Case Study of the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising
 4.4 America's First Multiethnic 'Riots.'                        431
    Edward T Chang
 Political Redistricting
 4.5 Asian Pacific Americans and Redistricting Challenges in 2001  441
    Leland T Saito