Table of contents for Sweet freedom's song : "My Country 'Tis of Thee" and democracy in America / Robert James Branham & Stephen J. Hartnett.

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Introduction: "You Can Sing What Would Be Death to Speak" 3

  ONE   "God Save the    !": Institutionalizing, Appropriating,
        and Contesting Nationalism through Song, 1744-1798 14

  TWO   "The Subordination of the Different Parts and Voices":
        Popularizing "America" through Grassroots Activism,
        1826-1850 45

 THREE   "Bombast, Fraud, Deception, Impiety, and Hypocrisy" in
         the "Dark Land of Slavery," 1830-1859 86

  FOUR  "Teach Us True Liberty": "America" in the Civil War
         and Reconstruction, 1861-1869 1I9

 FIVE   Reforming the "Sweet Land of Knavery":
        "America" and Political Protest, 1870-1932 163

        Epilogue: "America," "God Save the Queen,"
        and Postmodernity 197

        Appendix A: Sixteen Versions of "God Save the King" and
        "My Country 'Tis of Thee," Organized Chronologically,
        1744-1891 205

        Appendix B: Selective List of Alternative American Versions of
        "God Save the King" and "America," 1759-I900  221