Table of contents for The minority rights revolution / John D. Skrentny.

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1 Introduction: How War and the Black Civil Rights
    Movement Changed America 1

2 "This Is War and This Is a War Measure": Racial Equality
    Becomes National Security 21

3 National Security and Equal Rights: Limits and
    Qualifications 66

4 "We Were Advancing the Really Revolutionary View of
    Discrimination": Designating Official Minorities for
    Affirmative Action in Employment 85

5 "In View of the Existence of the Other Significant
    Minorities": The Expansion of Affirmative Action for
    Minority Capitalists 143

6 "Race Is a Very Relevant Personal Characteristic":
    Affirmative Admissions, Diversity, and the
    Supreme Court 165

7 "Learn, Amigo, Learn!": Bilingual Education and
    Language Rights in the Schools 179

8 "I Agree with You about the Inherent Absurdity": Title IX
    and Women's Equality in Education 230

9 White Males and the Limits of the Minority Rights
    Revolution: The Disabled, White Ethnics, and Gays 263

10 Conclusion: The Rare American Epiphany 328