Table of contents for White supremacy groups / Claire Kreger, book editor.

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Introduction                                                    5

 1. White Supremacy Groups Use Terrorist Attacks to            8
    Recruit New Members
       Brad Knickerbocker

 2. White Supremacy Is a Leaderless Movement                  11
       Howard L. Bushart, John R. Craig, and Myra Barnes

 3. The Internet Is Changing the Face of the White           24
    Supremacist Movement
       Les Back

 4. Racist Video Games Target Youth on the Internet           29
       Anti-Defamation League

 5. More Women Are Joining the White Supremacist              32
      Jim Nesbitt

 6. White Power Music Is an Effective Recruiting Tool        37
      Adam Cohen

 7. The Making of a White Supremacist                        40
       T.J. Leyden, interviewed by Intelligence Report

 8. Lone Wolf Terrorists Are More Dangerous than Organized   45
    White Supremacist Groups
      Katherine Seligman

 9. White Supremacy Groups Are Expanding Their               48
    International Ties
      David E. Kaplan, Lucian Kim, and Douglas Pasternak

10. White Nationalists Must Organize in Order to Protect      51
    European Americans
      European-American Unity and Rights Organization

11. The White Race Must Be Preserved                          55
      Bishop Alma White


12. White People Are the Creators of All Worthwhile Culture  59
    and Civilization
       Matthew Hale

Organizations to Contact                                      71