Table of contents for Heraldry, pageantry, and social display in medieval England / edited by Peter Cross and Maurice Keen.

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1.   Introduction                                                  1
     Maurice Keen

2.   The Historian, Lineage and Heraldry 1050-1250                      17
     David Crouch

3.   Knighthood, Heraldry and Social Exclusion in Edwardian England  39
     Peter Coss

4.   Edward III and the Symbol of the Leopard                          69
     Caroline Shenton

5.   Heraldry in Medieval England: Symbols of Politics and Propaganda  83
     Adrian Ailes

6.   Dress and Social Status in England before the Sumptuary Laws  105
     Frederique Lachaud

7.   Medieval Founders' Relics: Royal and Episcopal Patronage at Oxford  125
     and Cambridge Colleges
     Marian Campbell

8.   Motivation and Choice: The Selection of Medieval Secular Effigies  143
     Brian andMoira Gittos

9.   Bold as Brass: Secular Display in English Medieval Brasses  169
     Nigel Saul

10. The Knights of the Bath: Dubbing to Knighthood in Lancastrian  195
     and Yorkist England
     Fionn Pilbrow

11. Chivalry, Pageantry and Merchant Culture in Medieval London  219
     Caroline Barron

12. Looking for the State in Later Medieval England                   243
    John Watts