Table of contents for Colonial life / Rebecca Stefoff.

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Chapter 1    
   John Smith Remembers Jamestown 3
   The Mayflower Compact: Settlers Define Their Rights 5
   William Penn Conducts a "Holy Experiment" 7
   The Costs of Building a Colony: A Bill to the King 9

Chapter 2     All New World                                         13
   An Italian Explorer Meets the North Carolina Indians 15
   'A Hidious and Desolate Wildernes": A Pilgrim's Lament 16
   The Best Land in the World: A Pilgrim's Praise 18
   Life without Bread: A Pioneer Diary 20

Chapter 3     The Native Americans                                   23
    Indians Provide Unexpected Aid to the Pilgrims 25
    Indian Raid: A Colonist's Recollection of Horror 27
    A Call for Help from the Frontier 29
    Like Snow before the Sun: An Indian Chieftain Grieves for His People 30

Chapter 4     The First African Americans                            32
   A Slave in Virginia Writes to the Bishop of London  35
   Two Slaveholders Voice Fears of Rebellion 37
   Olaudah Equiano Tells How He Was Made a Slave 38
   Nobody to Look to but God: Old Elizabeth's Story 40

Chapter 5     Daily Life                                             43
   A Doctor in the House: Folk Remedies in the Colonies 45
   Everyday Business: Buying Ribbon in a General Store 47
   Colonial Recreation: A Dramatic Bull Bait 49
   Country Life and Customs: A Minister's Journal 51
   An Indentured Servant Tells Her Story 53


Chapter 6
    Etiquette for Children: The School of Manners 59
    The Well-Dressed Colonial Boy and Girl: Two Family Accounts 61
    A Connecticut Youth's Education 63
    Bad Deeds and Good Deeds: Mary Osgood Sumner's Journal 64
    A Boy's Letter to His Father 66

Chapter 7                                            68
    The Trial ofAnne Hutchinson 71
    "Miracles" and 'Accidents": A Letter from Cotton Mather 73
    After the Witch Trials: An Accuser Changes Her Mind 75
    The Great Awakening: A Minister Warns Sinners of Their Fate 78

Chapter 8     Learning and Culture                                  80
   America's First Woman Writer Dedicates Words of Wisdom to Her Son 83
   "The Surest Foundation of Happiness": Benjamin Franklin
      on Education 85
   A Matter of Musical Taste: An Anonymous Letter 87
   The Colonies' Leading Physician: Benjamin Rush Recalls His Practice 89
   A Slave Finds Her Voice 91

Chapter 9    Toward Independence                                    95
   Virginia's Leaders Scorn the Stamp Act 97
   A Loyalist's Ordeal: Colonists Take Sides 100
   Ruin or Salvation: John Adams Looks Ahead 102
   The Sacred Cause of Liberty: A Pennsylvania Farmer's Letter 104
   A Student Speaks Out 107
   The End of the Colonial Era: Thomas Paine's Common Sense 110