Table of contents for A new order of things : how the textile industry transformed New England / Paul E. Rivard.

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1 Introduction: An Overview of the Textile Trade
2 Extend the Mills: Spinning Cotton in New England 9
3 The "Masheen":The Wool Carding Machine Comes to New England   5
4 Made in Families:Weaving at Home with New Tools 19
5 Diaper, Tow, and Crash: Manufacturing Linen in New England 27
6 Great Expectations: Cotton Mill Fever Creates Textile Towns  34
7 The Waltham Power Loom: Investing in Power Weaving 44
8 "The BestWheel in the World":Waterpower in New England  5I
9 Genius,Wealth, and Industry: Lowell Astonishes the World 59
10  Calico, Blocks, and Rollers: PrintingTechnology and the New Fashion  66
11 "Simply Preposterous": New England's Woolen Mills Catch Up  79
12 Jenny, Jack, and Billy:TheWoolen Machinery Family  89
13 The Beginnings of Social Change:The New England MillWorkers 95
14 "Acres of Girlhood":AWorkforce of Women I02
15 RisingTide of Discontent:The Struggle for "Freedom"  IIo
16 "Gifted in Mind, Body and Estate": New England Builds an Immigrant Workforce 117
17 The Lawrence Experience:The Fall and Reprise of a New EnglandTextile City  121
18 Smokestacks and Train Tracks: Steam Engines Promote Textile Manufacture 126
19 Speeders, Pickers, and Mules: New England's New Machinery 134