Table of contents for Evolution and the capacity for commitment / Randolph M. Nesse, editor.

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Foreword: Beyond Selfishness in
Modeling Human Behavior               xiii
  Herbert Gintis

  Chapter 1    Natural Selection and the Capacity for
                Subjective Commitment                   1
                Randolph M. Nesse

PART I          CORE IDEAS FROM ECONOMICS              45

  Chapter 2    Commitment: Deliberate Versus
                Involuntary                            48
                Thomas C. Schelling

  Chapter 3    Cooperation Through Emotional
                Commitment                             57
                Robert H. Frank

  Chapter 4    Game-Theoretic Interpretations of
                Commitment                             77
                Jack Hirshleifer

PART II         COMMITMENT IN ANIMALS                  95

  Chapter 5    Threat Displays in Animal
                Communication: Handicaps,
                Reputations, and Commitments           99
                Eldridge S. Adams

  Chapter 6    Subjective Commitment in Nonhumans:
                What Should We Be Looking for, and
                Where Should We Be Looking?           120
                Lee Alan Dugatkin
  Chapter 7    Grunts, Girneys, and Good Intentions:
                The Origins of Strategic Commitment
                in Nonhuman Primates                  138
                Joan B. Silk

PART III       COMMITMENT IN HUMANS                  159

  Chapter 8    Honor and "Faking" Honorability       163
                Dov Cohen and Joseph Vandello

  Chapter 9    The Evolution of Subjective Commitment
                to Groups: A Tribal Instincts Hypothesis  186
                Peter J. Richerson and Robert Boyd

  Chapter 10   Morality and Commitment               221
               Michael Ruse

               GROUPS                               237
  Chapter 11   Commitment in the Clinic              240
               Randolph M. Nesse

  Chapter 12   Law and the Biology of Commitment     262
               Oliver R. Goodenough
  Chapter 13   Religion as a Hard-to-Fake Sign of
               Commitment                           292
               William Irons

  Chapter 14   The Future of Commitment              310
               Randolph M. Nesse