Table of contents for The Revolutionary War / Susan Provost Beller.

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Chapter 1 The Road to Independence-
    The British and Lo yalists Speak
    Parliament Stirs Outrage in the Colonies: The Stamp Act 3
    A British Soldier Defends Himself 5
    A Loyalist Preacher Is Silenced 8
    An Angry Loyalist Speaks Out against Patriots' Scare Tactics 9
    A Newspaper Announces British Plans 12

Chapter 2 The Road to Independence-
    The Colonists Speak                                                I5
    "Illegal, Unconstitutional, and Unjust," Virginia's House of Burgesses
      Confronts King George 16
    Massachusetts Prepares to Fight 18
    The Continental Congress Names a Military Leader  19
    Washington Writes Home 21
    The Colonies Declare Their Independence 23

Chapter 3 To Be a Soldier                                       27
   An Official Notice Encourages Men to Volunteer 28
   Disciplining the Soldiers: The Record of a Court-Martial 30
   Washington's Letter to John Hancock: Send Money  33
   An Officer's Appeal: Bad Food Makes for Unhappy Men 34

Chapter 4 On the Battle'field                                   36
   A Soldier Witnesses an Attack on General Washington  39
   Remembering Retreat and Imprisonment: An American's Journal 40
   On the March to Escape the British Advance 41
   A British Soldier Complains: The Americans Are Not Fighting Fair 42
   One Hessian's Strong Feelings against the Americans 43
   Victory at Yorktown: A Firsthand Account 45

Chapter 5 Women on the Home Front:
   Sacrifice and Service                                                 9
   A Chance to Help-The Call for Spinners 50
   Sympathy for Mrs. Washington 52
   AYoung Girl Encounters Battle 53
   Living behind Enemy Lines: A Patriot 55
   Living behind Enemy Lines: A Loyalist 57
   Civilians under Attack 58
   A Hessian Wife on Traveling with the Army 59

Chapter 6 On the World Stage                                   6z
   An Exchange of Letters between Enemies 65
   Looking for Allies: An American in Paris Speculates 68
   John Hancock's Instructions to Benjamin Franklin 69
   The Marquis Speaks of His Admiration for the Americans 71

Chapter 7 To Pay the Price                                     74
   An Account of LifeAboard British Prison Ships 77
   Battling Disease: A German Doctor Describes a Different
      Kind of War 79
   What Doctors Didn't Know: Advice from a Revolutionary War
      Medical Textbook  81
   Remembering a Patriot 82

Chapter 8 Victory and Defeat                                   84
   Celebrating Victory at Yorktown: A Newspaper Account 87
   A British General Admits Defeat 88
   A aunting Song Commemorates Victory  90
   The Ultimate Success-The American Ambassador Visits the King  93