Table of contents for World trade issues / Lambert S. Martin [compiler].

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Chapter 1   Normal Trade Relations (Most Favored Nation)
Policy of the United States                            1
       Vladimir N. Pregelj
Chapter 2   The World Trade Organization: The Doha Ministerial    15
        Lenore Sek
Chapter 3   Trade and the Americas                                19
        Raymond J. Ahearn
Chapter 4   Trade: Latin America                                  35
        J. F. Hornbeck
Chapter 5   Andean Regional Initiative (ARI):
FY 2002 Assistance for Colombia and Neighbors         41
        K. Larry Storrs and Nina M. Serafino
Chapter 6   The Andean Trade Preference Act                       67
        J. F. Hornbeck
Chapter 7   The U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement                   69
        J. F. Hornbeck
Chapter 8   Canada-U.S. Trade and Investment                      73
        Ian F. Fergusson
Chapter 9   Softwood Lumber Imports from Canada                   77
        Ross W. Gorte
Chapter 10  Lumber Imports from Canada: Issues and Events         79
        Ross W. Gorte and Jeanne Grimmett

Chapter 11  Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)             89
        Dick K. Nanto
Chapter 12  Vietnam Trade Agreement: Approval and Implementing Procedure   93
        Vladimir N. Pregelj
Chapter 13  The Vietnam-U.S. Bilateral Trade Agreement           99
        Mark E. Manyin
Chapter 14  China and the World Trade Organization              117
        Wayne M. Morrison
Chapter 15  China's Accession to the WTO                        123
        Wayne M. Morrison
Chapter 16  China-U.S. Trade Issues                             127
        Wayne M. Morrison
Chapter 17  U.S.-China Trade and Commercial Relations           143
        Wayne M. Morrison
Chapter 18  China and U.S. Agriculture                          147
        Charles E. Hanrahan
Chapter 19  Trade: Japan                                        149
        William H. Cooper
Chapter 20  Singapore-U.S. Free Trade Agreement                 153
        Dick K. Nanto
Chapter 21  Jordan-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA)              155
        Mary Jane Bolle
Chapter 22  Syria: Prospects for Trade Normalization            159
        Alfred B. Prados
Chapter 23  Libya: An Overview of Economic Sanctions            163
        Clyde Mark