Table of contents for Air power history : turning points from Kitty Hawk to Kosovo / edited by Sebastian Cox and Peter Gray with an introduction by Richard Overy.

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Part I: The First World War and the Inter-war Years
1 Learning in Real Time: The Development and
Implementation of Air Power in the First World War
Tami Biddle
2 Achieving Air Ascendancy: Challenge and Response in
British Strategic Air Defence, 1915-40
John Ferris
3 The Royal Naval Air Service: A Very Modern Service
Christina J. M. Goulter
4 The Luftwaffe and Lessons Learned in the Spanish Civil
James S. Corum
Part II: The Second World War
5 The Second World War as a Turning Point in Air Power
Richard P Hallion
6 Maritime Air Power and the Second World War: Britain,
the USA and Japan
John Buckley
7 A Neglected Turning Point in Air Power History: Air
Power and the Fall of France
Stuart W. Peach

8 'Learning is Winning': Soviet Air Power Doctrine, 1935-41
James Sterret
9 The Development of Tactical Air Doctrine in North
Africa, 1940-43
Brad Gladman
10 Logistics Doctrine and the Impact of War: The Royal Air
Force's Experience in the Second World War
Peter Dye
11 Australia and the War in the Pacific, 1942-45
Ian MacFarling
Part III: The Gulf War 1991
12 Planning the Air Campaign: The Washington Perspective
Diane Putney
13 The 1991 Bombing of Baghdad: Air Power Theory vs
Iraqi Realities
John Andreas Olsen
14 The Gulf War and UK Air Power Doctrine and Practice
Sebastian Cox and Sebastian Ritchie
Part IV: Air Power in Regional Conflict
15 Solidifying The Foundation: Vietnam's Impact on the
Basic Doctrine of the US Air Force
Mark Clodfelter
16 Air Power Victorious? Britain and NATO Strategy during
the Kosovo Conflict
Sebastian Ritchie
17 The Balkans: An Air Power Basket Case?
Peter W. Gray


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