Table of contents for Inner-city poverty / Tamara L. Roleff, book editor.

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Introduction                                              9
Chapter 1: An Examination of Inner-City Poverty
1. The Black and White Face of Poverty                   14
Richard Harwood
2. The Welfare Queen Stereotype                           17
Risa E. Kaufman
3. Crime Rates in Poor Neighborhoods                     20
Rebecca M. Blank
4. The Struggles of Young Immigrants in Urban America    25
Somini Sengupta
5. Low-Wage Earners: Trapped in Poverty                   32
Marcia Passos Duffy
6. The Myth of Widespread American Poverty                35
Robert Rector

Chapter 2: The Causes of Inner-City Poverty
1. Various Theories on the Causes of Poverty             45
Harrell R. Rodgers Jr.
2. The Economic Factors Behind Long-Term Poverty          57
Rebecca M. Blank
3. The Lack of Job Opportunities in the Inner City        63
Helene Slessarev
4. Single-Parent Families Are More Likely to Be Poor      68
Patrick F. Fagan
5. Immigration Is Responsible for the Rising Poverty Rate  79
Linda Thor

Chapter 3: Solving the Problem of Inner-City Poverty
1. A "Living Wage" Is Necessary to Help the Working Poor  86
Neal Peirce
2. A "Living Wage" Will Not Eliminate Poverty             89
Nathan Karp
3. Welfare Reform Is Helping the Poor Move Out of Poverty  92
Aimee Howd
4. The Mixed Results of Welfare Reform                    98
Christina Duff
5. Workfare: Successes and Failures                      101
Heather MacDonald

6. Corporate Involvement in Job-Training Programs       112
Christina Nifong
7. Government Support of Faith-Based Initiatives Can Help
Reduce Poverty                                        115
George W. Bush
8. The Government Should Not Rely on Religious Charities
to Help the Poor                                      121
Polly Morrice
9. A Practical Alternative to Public Housing Projects   124
Howard Husock
10. Providing Better Housing for the Poor                128
Alexander von Hoffman

Chapter 4: Life in the Inner City: Personal Accounts
1. Living in Fear                                       137
Earl Shorris
2. The Responsibilities of an Inner-City Grandmother    142
Betty Washington, as told to Elijah Anderson
3. Stretching the Welfare Check                         148
David Zucchino
4. Trying to Leave the Inner City                       156
Janie Bryant