Table of contents for Flash effect : science and the rhetorical origins of Cold War America / David J. Tietge.

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Chapter 1
 Theoretical Perspectives on the Rhetoric of Science
 Further Theoretical Foundationsfor the Rhetoric of Science
 A Way to Study the Rhetoric of Science
Chapter 2
 Precedents for Science as the Emerging Hegemony
 Philosophical Implications: Bacon and Descartes
 Darwin and the Roots of the Evolution/Creation Controversy
Chapter 3
 The New Age of Science
 Profile of the Scientist The Iconographic Mythos
 The Popular Press, the Popular Scientist, and the Solubility Ethos
 Responses to Sputnik
Chapter 4
 New Anxieties, New Solutions, and Nonnuclear Science
 Other Sources of Cold War Anxiety
 The Symbolic Megaphone of Life
 Dominant Attitudes
Chapter 5
 The Images, Metaphors, and Religious Symbolism
 of Science
 Theory of Dominant Metaphors
 Key Metaphors of the Cold War

 The Convergent Manifestation of the Trinity Test
 and Hiroshima Bombings
 Machines and Man
 "Control and Smooth Performance"
 The Metaphorical Cycle
Conclusion: Cold War Leftovers