Table of contents for Before conflict : preventing aggressive behavior / John D. Byrnes.

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1  Aggression-A Social Epidemic                           1
2  The Nature of Aggression                              11
3  The Arts of Aggression Management: Being Prepared     25
4 The Art of Persuasion-Part 1:
  Understanding Aggression's Effects on Communication   41
5  The Art of Persuasion-Part 2:
   Pacing the Aggressor-Strategies                       51
6 The Art of Persuasion-Part 3:
  Pacing the Aggressor-Verbal Persuasion                77
7  The Art of Persuasion-Part 4:
   Pacing the Aggressor-Non-Verbal Persuasion            93
8  The Art of Safe Escape                               101
9  Managing to Protect Our Kids in School               129
10 How to Prevent Aggression in Healthcare:
   There Are More Non-Fatal Attacks in Healthcare
   and Social Services than Any Other Industry          135

11  Public Service... Public Violence-Part 1:
    "Going Postal" Is a Myth, but...                     143
12  Public Service ... Public Violence-Part 2:
    Can Law Enforcement Prevent Crime?                   147
13  Managing Aggression in the Retail Food Service Industry  157
14  Can a Terrorist Be Identified Before He Takes His Seat?  165
15  Aggression's Effect on Productivity: What's the Cost?  169
16  Becoming Part of the Solution                        179