Table of contents for Gender, race, and class in media : a text-reader / Gail Dines, Jean M. Humez, editors.

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Media Theory
1. Cultural Studies, Multiculturalism, and Media Culture  9
Douglas Kellner
2. The New Media Giants: Changing Industry Structure     21
David Croteau
William Hoynes
3. The Meaning of Memory: Family, Class, and
Ethnicity in Early Network Television                40
George Lipsitz
4. Naked Capitalists                                     48
Frank Rich
5. Hegemony                                              61
James Lull

6. Women Read the Romance:
The Interaction of Text and Context                 67
Janice A. Radway
7. Black Sitcom Portrayals                             79
Robin R. Means Coleman
Gender, Race, and Class
8. The Whites of Their Eyes:
Racist Ideologies and the Media                     89
Stuart Hall
9. Hetero Barbie?                                      94
Mary F. Rogers
10. Popular Culture and Queer Representation:
A Critical Perspective                             98
Diane Raymond
11. White Negroes                                      111
Jan Nederveen Pieterse
12. Inventing the Cosmo Girl:
Class Identity and Girl-Style American Dreams     116
Laurie Ouellette
13. Living Single and the "Fight for Mr. Right":
Latifah Don't Play                                129
Kristal Brent Zook
14. Who(se) Am I? The Identity and Image
of Women in Hip-Hop                               136
Imani Perry
15. Queer 'n' Asian on-and off-the Net:
The Role of Cyberspace in Queer Taiwan and Korea  149
Chris Berry
Fran Martin
16. Space Jam: Media Conglomerates
Build the Entertainment City                      159
Susan G. Davis
17. Kids for Sale: Corporate Culture and
the Challenge of Public Schooling                 171
Henry A. Giroux

18. The Greatest Story Ever Sold:
Marketing and the 0. J. Simpson Trial            176
George Lipsitz
19. The New Politics of Consumption:
Why Americans Want So Much More Than They Need   183
Juliet Schor
20. Nike, Social Responsibility, and the
Hidden Abode of Production                       196
Carol A. Stabile
21. "You've Never Had a Friend Like Me":
Target Marketing Disney to a Gay Community       204
Sean Griffin
22. Advertising and the Political Economy
of Lesbian/Gay Identity                          212
Fred Fejes
23. Sex, Lies and Advertising                        223
Gloria Steinem
24. In Spite of Women: Esquire Magazine
and the Construction of the Male Consumer        230
Kenon Breazeale
25. Image-Based Culture: Advertising and Popular Culture  249
Sut Jhally
26. "The More You Subtract, the More You Add":
Cutting Girls Down to Size                       258
Jean Kilbourne
27. Cosmetics: A Clinique Case Study                 268
Pat Kirkham
Alex Weller
28. "Con-fusing" Exotica:
Producing India in U.S. Advertising              274
Sanjukta Ghosh
29. Advertising and People of Color                  283
Clint C. Wilson II
Felix Gutierrez

30. Current Perspectives on Advertising Images of Disability  293
Beth A. Hailler
Sue Ralph
31. Selling Sexual Subjectivities:
Audiences Respond to Gay Window Advertising      302
Katherine Sender
32. Gender and Hegemony in Fashion Magazines:
Women's Interpretations of Fashion Photographs   314
Diana Crane
33. Television Violence: At a Time of Turmoil and Terror  339
George Gerbner
34. Advertising and the Construction of Violent
White Masculinity: From Eminem to Clinque for Men  349
Jackson Katz
35. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:
Teachers Voice Concern                           359
Diane E. Levin
Nancy Carlsson-Paige
36. Lay Theories of Media Effects:
Power Rangers at Pre-school                      367
Ellen Seiter
37. Lessons From Littleton: What Congress Doesn't
Want to Hear About Youth and Media                385
Henry Jenkins
38. Hidden Politics: Discursive and
Institutional Policing of Rap Music              396
Tricia Rose
39. The Pornography Debates: Beyond Cause and Effect  406
Karen Boyle
40. Pornography and the Limits of Experimental Research  417
Robert Jensen
41. Mass Market Romance:
Pornography for Women Is Different               424
Ann Barr Snitow

42. Everyday Pornography                              434
Jane Caputi
43. King Kong and the White Woman: Hustler Magazine
and the Demonization of Black Masculinity        451
Gail Dines
44. Gendered Television: Femininity                   469
John Fiske
45. Daze of Our Lives: The Soap Opera as Feminine Text  476
Deborah D. Rogers
46. Women Watching Together: An Ethnographic
Study of Korean Soap Opera Fans in the United States  482
Minu Lee
Chong Heup Cho
47. "I Think of Them as Friends": Interpersonal
Relationships in the Online Community            488
Nancy K. Baym
48. "No Politics Here":
Age and Gender in Soap Opera "Cyberfandom"       497
Christine Scodari
49. Consuming Pleasures:
Active Audiences and Soap Opera                  507
Jennifer Hayward
50. Cathartic Confessions or Emancipatory Texts?
Rape Narratives on The Oprah Winfrey Show        522
Sujata Moorti
51. The Mediated Talking Cure: Therapeutic
Framing of Autobiography in TV Talk Shows        534
Janice Peck
52. The Case Against Sleaze TV                        548
Jo Tavener
53. Sitting Ducks and Forbidden Fruits                553
Joshua Gamson

54. Ralph, Fred, Archie, and Homer:
Why Television Keeps Re-creating
the White Male Working-Class Buffoon             575
Richard Butsch
55. The Fox Network and the
Revolution in Black Television                   586
Kristal Brent Zook
56. Representing Gay Men on American Television       597
Kylo-Patrick R. Hart
57. What's Wrong With This Picture?
The Politics of Ellen's Coming Out Party         608
Susan J. Hubert
58. Once in a Lifetime: Constructing
"The Working Woman" Through Cable Narrowcasting  613
Jackie Byars
Eileen R. Meehan
59. In Their Prime: Women in Nighttime Drama          625
Karen Lindsey
60. Workplace Dramas, Ensemble Casts, 1990s Style     633
Donald Bogle
61. This Is for Fighting, This Is for Fun:
Camerawork and Gunplay in Reality-Based Crime Shows 642
Fred Turner
62. Here Comes the Judge: The Dancing Itos and
the Televisual Construction of the Enemy Asian Male  651
Brian Locke
63. Ling Woo in Historical Context: The New Face
of Asian American Stereotypes on Television      656
Chyng Feng Sun
64. Jewish Women on Television:
Too Jewish or Not Enough?                        665
Joyce Antler
65. The Titanic Sails On:
Why the Internet Won't Sink the Media Giants     677
Robert McChesney

66. "Where Do You Want to Go Today?"
Cybernetic Tourism, the Internet, and Transnationality  684
Lisa Nakamura
67. Television and the Internet                      688
Ellen Seiter
68. Dating on the Net:
Teens and the Rise of "Pure" Relationships       696
Lynn Schofield Clark
69. Staking Their Claim:
Women, Electronic Networking, and Training in Asia  708
Rhona 0. Bautista
70. The Cherokee Indians and the Internet            715
Ellen L. Arnold
Darcy C. Plymire