Table of contents for Film and knowledge : essays on the integration of images and ideas / edited by Kevin L. Stoehr.

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Introduction by Kevin L. Stoehr
Losing the Plot: Narrative Form and
Ethical Identity in Lost Highway
Jane Stadler
The Order of Rage: Epistemology and the
Need for Knowledge in Paul Schrader's Affliction
Christopher Fahy
The End of Suspicion: Hitchcock,
Descartes, and Joan Fontaine
Robert . Yanal
Ordinary, Extraordinary, Real, and True: Negotiating
the Boundaries in Cronenberg's Naked Lunch
Amy Lund
The Anti-Metaphysics Game: A Wittgensteinian
Reading of The Crying Game
Richard Gull
Platonic Themes in Chris Marker's La Jetee
Sander Lee

Persistent Ambiguity and Moral
Responsibility in Rashomon
Robert van Es
Citizen Kant: Themes of Consciousness
and Cognition in Citizen Kane
Dave LeBoeuf
Epistemology and the Philosophy of Cinema
Matthew Burstein
Is It All in Our Imagination? Questioning the Use
of the Concept of the Imagination in Cognitive Film
Karen Bardsley
The Epistemology of Race and Black American Film Noir:
Spike Lee's Summer of Sam as Lynching Parable
Dan Flory
Feminist Film Theory as Ideology Critique
Cynthia A. Freeland
It's All Ideology, Isn't It?
Daniel Shaw
Film, Feminism, and Ideology: A Reply
to Daniel Shaw and Cynthia Freeland
Noel Carroll
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