Table of contents for Enterprise in the period of fascism in Europe / edited by Harold James and Jakob Tanner.

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Part I
1 The Economic Origins and Dimensions of European Fascism        3
Gerald D. Feldman
2  Banks and the Era of Totalitarianism: Banking in Nazi Germany  14
Harold James
3  Industry under the Swastika                                  26
Peter Hayes
4  Comment                                                      38
Christopher Kopper

Part II
5 Spanish Entrepreneurs in the Era of Fascism: From the Primo de
Rivera Dictatorship to the Franco Dictatorship, 1923-1945    43
Mercedes Cabrera and Fernando del Rey
6 The Fascist Regime and Big Business: The Fiat and Montecatini
Cases                                                        62
Franco Amatori
7 Entrepreneurs and the Fascist Regime in Italy: From the
Honeymoon to the Divorce                                     78
Luciano Segreto
8  Comment                                                      94
Pablo Martin Acenia

Part III
9  Enterprises in Switzerland during the Second World War      105
Jean-Francois Bergier
10 Business as Usual? The Danish Economy and Business during the
German Occupation                                           115
Per H. Hansen
11  Comment                                                     144
Jakob Tanner

Part IV
12  Business in the Grossraumwirtschaft: Eastern Europe, 1938-1945  151
Richard J. Overy
13 Polish and Jewish Entrepreneurs during the German Occupation in
Poland, 1939-1945                                           178
Zbigniew Landau
14  Comment                                                     189
Boris Barth

Part V
15 The Belgian Business Elite, Economic Exploitation and National
Socialist Corporatism                                       195
Dirk Luyten
16  The Dutch Economy during the German Occupation, 1940-1945   219
Hein A.M. Klemann
17  French Enterprises under German Occupation, 1940-1944       259
Patrick Fridenson