Table of contents for Emperor worship and Roman religion / Ittai Gradel.

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1. Introduction                                     I
2. Before the Caesars                              27
3. Caesar's Divine Honours                         54
4. Beyond Rome: 'By Municipal Deification'         73
5. The Augustan Settlement                        109
6. The Augustan Heritage and Mad Emperors         140
7. The Emperor's Genius in State Cult             162
8. 'In Every House'? The Emperor in the Roman Household  198
9. Corporate Worship                              213
10. Numen Augustum                                 234
11. A Parallel: C. Manlius, Caeretan 'Caesar'     251
12. 'Heavenly Honours Decreed by the Senate':
    From Emperor to Divus                          26i
Appendix I. Dedications from Italy to the Genius
of Living Non-imperials                        372
Appendix 2. Dedications from Italy to the Genius
Augusti up to AD 235                           374
Appendix 3. Titles of Municipal Priests of Emperors
in Italy from Inscriptional Sources            376