Table of contents for Global media governance : a beginner's guide / Se‚an ‚O Siochr‚u and Bruce Girard with Amy Mahan.

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Part I
1 Introduction to National Media Regulation                  3
2 Global Goverance Institutions                             15
3 Trends in Media                                           25
Part II
4 The International Telecommunication Union                 35
5 The World Trade Organization and Trade in Media Products  51
6 The UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization  71
7 The World Intellectual Property Organization and Intellectual
Property Rights                                          85
8 The Interet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
and Internet Governance                                  99
Part III
9 Global Media Regulation                                  119
10 Actors and Trends in Global Governance                   143
11 Scenarios for Media Governance                           163

Selected References for Further Reading                        183
Selected URLs                                                  189