Table of contents for Debating the origins of the Cold War : American and Russian perspectives / Ralph B. Levering ... [et al.].

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The American Perspective                                             1
Ralph B. Levering and Verena Botzenhart- Viehe
1. The Atlantic Charter, August 14, 1941                             65
2. "Comment on the Results of the Decisions Made at the Yalta Conference"  67
3. George E Kennan's "Long Telegram," February 1946                 69
4. Secretary of State James Byrnes's Speech in Stuttgart on Germany's
Future, September 6, 1946                                        74
5. Speech by J. Edgar Hoover, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation,
at the Annual Convention of the American Legion in San Francisco,
September 30, 1946                                               76
6. Henry A. Wallace's Speech in New York City, September 12, 1946    78
7. President Harry S. Truman's Speech to Congress, March 12, 1947   81
The Russian Perspective                                             85
Vladimir 0. Pechatnov and C. Earl Edmondson
1. Stalin to "Politburo Four" ([Vyacheslav] Molotov, [Lavrenti] Beria,
[Anastas] Mikoyan, and [Georgy] Malenkov), Ciphered [Coded]
Telegram, December 9, 1945                                     155

2. A Compilation of [Written] Comments on Draft Treaties Regarding
Demilitarization and Disarmament of Germany andJapan Proposed
by [U.S. Secretary of StateJames] Byrnes,June 8, 1946             157
3. The [Nikolai] Novikov Report ["Telegram"]                          160
4. The Minister of State Security Appealsfor Measures to Close Down
British Propaganda in the U.S.S.R.                                165
5. Instructionsfor the Soviet Delegation to the Meeting of Foreign
Ministers in Paris,June 25, 1947                                   167
6. Record of I[osef] V[issarionivich] Stalin's Conversation with the
Czechoslovak Government Delegation on the Issue of Their Position
Regarding the Marshall Plan and the Prospectsfor Economic
Cooperation with the U.S.S.R.                                     169
7. Record of the Meeting of Comrade I[osefl V[issarionivich] Stalin with
the Secretary of the Central Committee of the French Communist
Party [Maurice] Thorez                                            173
8. Report by L. P? Beria and I. VKurchatov to I. V Stalin on Preliminary
Data Received during the Atomic Bomb Test                         176


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