Table of contents for Everyday life in South Asia / edited by Diane P. Mines and Sarah Lamb.

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Introduction                                             1
Part I   The Family and the Life Course
Introduction                                             7
One Straw from a Broom Cannot Sweep: The Ideology and
Practice of the Joint Family in Rural North India    11
  Susan S. Wadley
Allah Gives Both Boys and Girls                         23
  Patricia Jeffery and Roger Jeffery
"Out Here in Kathmandu": Youth and the Contradictions
of Modernity in Urban Nepal                          37
  Mark Liechty
The Role of Suffering in Women's Performance of Paxto   48
  Benedicte Grima
Love and Aging in Bengali Families                      56
  Sarah Lamb
Memorializing the Self: The Autobiographical Will and Testa-
ment of Narayana Guruviah Chetty, Madras City, 1915  69
  Mattison Mines

Part II   Genders
Introduction                                             81
New Light in the House: Schooling Girls in Rural
  North India                                           86
Ann Grodzins Gold Family and Gender Systems in Transition:
A Thirty-Five-Year Perspective                        100
  Susan Seymour
Offstage with Special Drama Actresses in Tamil Nadu,
South India: Roadwork                                 116
  Susan Seizer
Nervous Masculinity: Consumption and the Production
of Embodied Gender in Indian Wrestling               132
  Joseph S. Alter
Dosti and Tamanna: Male-Male Love, Difference, and
Normativity in Hindi Cinema                          146
  Ruth Vanita
Life on the Margins: A Hijra's Story                    159
  Serena Nanda
Part III   Social Distinctions of Caste and Class
Introduction                                            167
God-Chariots in a Garden of Castes: Hierarchy and
Festival in a Hindu City                             174
  Steven M. Parish
High and Low Castes in Karani                           190
  Viramma, with Josiane Racine and Jean-Luc Racine
The Erasure of Everyday Life in Colonial Ethnography    199
  Gloria Goodwin Raheja

Anjali's Prospects: Class Mobility in Urban India      214
  Sara Dickey
Seven Prevalent Misconceptions about India's Caste System  227

Part IV    Practicing Religion
Introduction                                            229
The Hindu Gods in a South Indian Village                236
  Diane P. Mines
The Feast of Love                                      249
  McKim Marriott
The Delusion of Gender and Renunciation in Buddhist Kashmir     261
  Kim Gutschow
Presence: Yolmo Spirit-Callings in Nepal               275
  Robert Desjarlais
Tunes Rising from the Soul and Other Narcissistic
Prayers: Contested Realms in Bangladesh              289
  Jim Wilce
Part V    Nation-Making
Introduction                                           303
Political Praise in Tamil Newspapers: The Poetry and
Iconography of Democratic Power                      308
  J. Bernard Bate
Outsiders at Home? The South Asian Diaspora in South Asia   326
  Gautam Ghosh
Why Do Hindus and Muslims Fight? Children and History in India   337
  Nita Kumar

Walking through Violence: "Everyday Life" and Anthropology     357
  Pradeep Jeganathan
Interviews with High School Students in Eastern Sri Lanka  366
  Margaret Trawick
Part VI    Globalization, Public Culture, and the South Asian Diaspora
Introduction                                            381
Cindy at the Taj: Cultural Enclosure and Corporate
Potentateship in an Era of Globalization             387
  William Mazzarella
A Diaspora Ramayana in Southall                         400
  Paula Richman
British Sikh Lives, Lived in Translation                412
  Kathleen Hall
Placing Lives through Stories: Second-Generation South Asian Americans    425
  Kirin Narayan
Unexpected Destinations                                 440
  E. Valentine Daniel