Table of contents for Eye guidance in reading and scene perception / edited by Geoffrey Underwood.

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Chapter 1. Eye Guidance and Visual Information Processing
Reading, Visual Search, Picture Perception and Driving
Geoffrey Underwood and Ralph Radach
Chapter 2. Definition and Computation of Oculomotor Measures in the
Study of Cognitive Processes
Albrecht Werner Inhoff and Ralph Radach
Chapter 3. Eye Movements and Measures of Reading Time
Simon P. Liversedge, Kevin B. Paterson and Martin J. Pickering
Chapter 4. Determinants of Fixation Positions in Words During Reading
Ralph Radach and George W. McConkie
Chapter 5. About Regressive Saccades in Reading and Their Relation
to Word Identification
Francoise Vitu, George W. McConkie and David Zola
Chapter 6. Word Skipping: Implications for Theories of Eye Movement
Control in Reading
Marc Brysbaert and Francoise Vitu
Chapter 7. The Influence of Parafoveal Words on Foveal Inspection Time:
Evidence for a Processing Trade-Off
Alan Kennedy
Chapter 8. Parafoveal Pragmatics
Wayne S. Murray
Chapter 9. Foveal Processing Load and Landing Position Effects in
Simon P. Liversedge and Geoffrey Underwood

Chapter 10. Individual Differences in Reading and Eye Movement Control
John Everatt, MarkF. Bradshaw and Paul B. Hibbard
Chapter 11. Eye Movement Control in Reading: An Overview and Model
Keith Rayner, Erik D. Reichle and Alexander Pollatsek
Chapter 12. Eye Movements During Scene Viewing: An Overview
John M. Henderson and Andrew Hollingworth
Chapter 13. Eye Guidance and Visual Search
John M. Findlay and lain D. Gilchrist
Chapter 14. Prefixational Object Perception in Scenes: Objects Popping
Out of Schemas
Peter De Graef
Chapter 15. Functional Division of the Visual Field: Moving Masks and
Moving Windows
Paul. M.J. van Diepen, Martien Wampers and Gery d'Ydewalle
Chapter 16. Film Perception: The Processing of Film Cuts
Gery d'Ydewalle, Geert Desmet and Johan Van Rensbergen
Chapter 17. Visual Search of Dynamic Scenes: Event Types and the Role
of Experience in Viewing Driving Situations
Peter R. Chapman and Geoffrey Underwood
Chapter 18. How Much Do Novice Drivers See? The Effects of Demand on
Visual Search Strategies in Novice and Experienced Drivers
David E. Crundall, Geoffrey Underwood and Peter R. Chapman
Chapter 19. The Development of the Eye Movement Strategies of Learner
Damion C. Dishart and Michael F. Land
Chapter 20. What the Driver's Eye Tells the Car's Brain
Andrew Liu
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