Table of contents for Deaf artists in America : colonial to contemporary / Deborah M. Sonnenstrahl.

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Deaf People in the Arts
Selection of the Artists Included in This Book
Organization of the Book
A Brief History of Deaf Culture
Deaf Schools and Language
Oralism in Deaf Schools
Recognition of ASL
Cultural Behavior in the Deaf World
Deaf Pride and Cultural Awareness
Art Is Art xxii
A Study in the Unknown-A New Nation
William Mercer First Known Deaf American Artist
John Brewster Portraits of Prosperous Colonial Americans
George Catlin Painter of Native Americans
James Hosley Whitcomb Earliest Known Deaf Silhouettist
Albert Newsam From Stone to Lithograph: Portraits of Americans
Augustus Fuller Self-Reliant Artist in Pre-Deaf-Aware America
Testing the Waters
John Carlin First Deaf American Artist to Study Abroad
Charlotte Buell Coman Painter Under the Open Sky

Harry Humphrey Moore Genteel and Cultivated Artist
Theophilus Hope D'Estrella Deaf Life in Black and White
Frances Allen and Mary Allen Painting with a Camera
Maurice Prendergast Impressionistic Master of Color
Joseph Henry Sharp The Beat of Indian Drums Felt, Not Heard
Douglas Tilden Michelangelo of the American West
Albert Victor Ballin An Advocate and Entrepreneur
Henry Lapp Inventive Amish Folk Artist
New Traditions lot
Cadwallader Lincoln Washburn Nomadic Etcher
Granville Redmond Depicting the Beauty of California
Eugene Elmer Hannan Leaders Immortalized in Bronze
Conrad Frederick Haeseler Portraits and Photographs of
Distinguished Americans
Will J. Quinlan Fascination with Cities in Print
Blanche Lazzell Modern Images from Wood Blocks
John Louis Clarke Cutapuis-Man Who Talks Not
Christy MacKinnon Maxcy You Can Go Home Again
Regina Olson Hughes Scientific Illustrator
Kelly H. Stevens Paintings of Southwest Landscapes
Charles Carroll Sullivan Art Deco in the Nation's Capital
Jean Hanau Art Nouveau on Mirrors
Forging Ahead
N. Hillis Arnold Sculptor's Hand Guided by God
David Ludwig Bloch Never Again: Artist of the Holocaust
Felix Kowalewski Early Beloved Art Biographer
Robert Freiman The Ecstasy of Watercolors
Maggie Lee Sayre Photographs of the Lost River Culture
Frederick LaMonto Natural, Yet Abstract Sculpture
Henry Newman Junk Can Be Art, Too!

Rolando Lopez Dirube Love Affair with Materials
Morris Broderson Is It Real? Realism with a Twist
Louis Francis Xavier Frisino Deaf John James Audubon
Daniel Wang East Meets West
David Hockney Deafness and Space
William Sparks Sought-After Portrait Painter
James Canning To Be or Not To Be Deaf
Robert Baard Peterson Simplicity Is the Soul of Art
Claire Haber Bergman Less Is More
Charles Bourke Wildbank Reinventing a New Reality in Art
Robert Edward Behnke Room Paintings
Gary Mayers Sculptural Materials Do Work Together or
Don't They?
Mary A. Rappazzo Timeless and Frozen Figures
Jessica A. Geiger Who Is an Outsider? You? Me? Them?
Art Imitates Deaf Life
Ralph R. Miller, Sr. American Sign Language Books Illustrator
Betty G. Miller Mother of the De'VIA Movement
Charles (Chuck) Crawford Baird De'VIA Artist of Tranquility
Harry R. Williams Violins without Strings
Ann Silver Road Signs of Deaf Culture: Defender of Deaf Art
Mary Thornley Deaf Visual Metaphors
Uzi Buzgalo Language Is an Art-De'VIA Language
Lee. S. Ivey Letting Go
Mark Fisher Breaking Boundaries in Animation
Tony Landon McGregor Exploring New Art Frontiers
Alex Wilhite Perception of Colors and Challenges
Shawn Richardson Life Is a Barrel of Laughs
Susan Dupor The Way It Is


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