Table of contents for Solid state ionics : materials and devices : Fuzhou, China, 29 October-4 November 2000 / editors, B.V.R. Chowdari, Wenji Wang.

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Concepts and materials aspects of developing solid state ionic devices
Werner Weppner                                                        3
Failure of the Nemst-Einstein equation in mixed conductor compounds
Han-ll Yoo                                                           13
Ion dynamics in superionic crystals by means of hole burning spectroscopy
Takeshi Hattori                                                      23
Fluoride ion conductor RSn2F5 (R=K and Rb) studied by X-ray diffraction
and 9F, "9SnNMR (Invited)
Tsutomu Okuda, Keiji Saisho, Yasuhiko Ogiso, Koji Yamada,
Jun Chikami, GerhardMiehe, Helmut Ehrenberg and Hartmut Fuess        33
Development of electrochemical measurements in ionics materials: Neutron
radiography (Invited)
Takao Esaka                                                          41
Estimation of the superionic transition temperature from the variation of
bond orbital energy
Masaru Aniya                                                                51
The effect of sintering on the electrical conductivity of lithium lanthanum
Chang Wan Ban and Gyeong Man Choi                                    57
The study of new lithium fast ion conductor Lil+2x+yAlxYyTi2-x-ySixP3-xOl2
based on Kaolinite
Yurong Zhang and Wenji Wang                                          63
The synthesis and characterization of new lithium fast ion conductors
Lil+2x+2yAlxZnyTi2-x-ySixP3-xOi2 system
Yurong Zhang, Wenqing Chen and Wenji Wang                            69
The synthesis and characterization on lithium fast ion conductors of
Lil4-xZnl-xYbx (GeO4)4 system
Liu Huiyong and Wenji Wang                                           75

Hydrothermally coprecipitants as a candidate for beta-alumina precursors
Z. Y. Wen, J. H. Yang, Z. X Lin andD. L. Jiang                      79
A study of a superionic system: AgI-PbI2-Ag2O-B203
S. Selvasekarapandian, R. Chithra Devi and M Vijayakumar            85
A study on AgI-MC12-Ag20-V205 (M=Cu, Zn, Ca & Hg) fast
ionic conductors
M. Vijayakumar, B. Balasundaram, S. Selvasekarapandian,             101
R. Chithra Devi, R. Manimozhi and P. Geethalakshimi
AgI Nanoparticles: Preparation, characterization and conductive properties
Yuxai Wang, Liang Huang, Shan Guan and Yunfei Zhang                107
Amorphization of ionic salts in nanocomposites
N. F. Uvarov, A. A. Politov and B. B. Bokhonov                      113
Disorder, phonons and superionic conductivity in silver iodide
P. Senthil Kumar, N. S. Kini, A. M. Umarji and C. S. Sunandana      121
Preparation of superionic conductor AgI nano-wires in alumina template by
electrochemical dual liquor deposition (EDLD)
Xiaodong Wu, Hong Li, Xuejie Huang and Liquan Chen                  125
Diffusion of T1+ ions through the interface of solid NaCI or KC1 and liquid T1C1
W. Yu and A. Fuji                                                  129
Electrical properties of heavily doped fluorite-structured BaF2: RF3
(R=Rare earth element, Y, Sc) single crystals
V. Trnovcovd, N. I. Sorokin, P. P. Fedorov, E. A. Krivandina,
T. S. Srdmkovd andB. P. Sobolev                                    135
Fast ionic conductivity of rare earth trifluorides with orthorhombic and
tysonite structures
V. Trnovcovd, E. A. Krivandina, P. P. Fedorov, L. S. Garashina
and B. P. Sobolev                                                  143
Dynamic structure and ionic conduction in RMF4 (R=Na, K, Rb, Cs; M=Sb, Bi)
as studied by NMR
K. Yamada, Y. Ohonuki, S. Fukutomi, H. Ohki and T. Okuda            149
Oxygen nonstoichiometry and oxygen transport properties of YBa2Cu2CoO6+s
S. Ran, C. H. Zheng, W Liu, D. K. Peng and C. S. Chen               155
Growth and ionic conductivity of the A2TiGeO5 (A=Na, Li) single crystals
A. K. Ivanov-Schitz, V. V. Kireev, O. K. Mel'nikov, N. G. Chaban
and J Schoonman                                                     159

Exploring glasses on the microscopic level by NMR: xLiF.(l-x)LiP03 (Invited)
D. Brinkmann, S. Berger andJ. Roos                                 167
Development of lithium ion conducting oxysulfide glasses (Invited)
Akitoshi Hayashi, Ryoichi Komiya, Masahiro Tatsumisago
and Tsutomu Minami                                                 177
Conductivity spectrum and relaxations in mixed alkali fluorophosphate glasses (Invited)
A. R. Kulkarni                                                     187
Relationship between average electronegativity and the properties of
superionic glasses
Masaru Aniya                                                       197
A new non-Debye response function and a novel power law
G. Govindaraj and R. Murugaraj                                     203
Anomalous conductivity of glassy Li20:4MnO2-x: 4B203 during heat treatment
Sumin Wang, Xuejie Huang, Cailu Xu, Ji Liang, Liquan Chen and Dehai Wu  209
Cation doping into the sodium borate glass using the solid oxide electrochemical
doping method
Kai Kamada, Shintaro Udo and Yasumichi Matsumoto                   215
C.1    Cathode Materials
Lithium ion battery materials : recent trends (Invited)
B. V R. Chowdari and G. V Subba Rao                               223
Charging-discharging properties by cut-off voltage changes of Co- and Ni-doped
LiMn204 cathodes in Li-ion secondary batteries
Jae Hong Park, Woo Sik Um, Seung-Won Lee, Byung-Won Cho
and Kwang Soo Yoo                                                  231
A simplified preparation of overlithiated spinel phase LiMn204 and its electrochemical
Zheng Zishan, Tang Zilong, Zhang Zhongtai, Sheng Wanci and Dong Jian  237
Capacity compensated substituted spinel LiMyMn2-yO4 with LiMyMn2_yO4zFz
(M=AI/Cr) for lithium secondary batteries
Xiaomei Wu, Qinghe Yang, Zhongkao Jin, Qingmei Song,
Xiaohua Ma and Xiangfu Zong                                        243

Electrochemical performance of lithium-rich spinel Lil+xMn204 oxides at
elevated temperature
Yanbin Chen, Yujuan Zhao, Cuiwei Du and Qingguo Liu                249
02-type Li2/3(Nil/3Mn2/3)02 as cathode material for Li-ion batteries
K. M. Shaju, G. V Subba Rao and B. V. R. Chowdari                  255
Improved cycling performance of spinel LiMn204 by cation doping
Chuan Wu, Hong Li, Feng Wu andXuejie Huang                         261
Modification of spinel LiMn204 using an electrochemical method
Chuan Wu, Feng Wu andXuejie Huang                                  267
Preparation of spinel-type LixMn204 cathode materials by melt-impregnation
method for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
Liu Xing-Quan, Chen Zhao-Yong, Li Qing and Yu Zuo-Long             271
Synthesis and electrochemical properties of doped LiMn204 system as cathode
material for Li-ion batteries
Ye Shihai, Bin Xiaomin, Lin Dongfeng, Gao Xueping and Song Deying  277
Synthesis and performance of doped LiMxMn2-xAy4-y spinel electrode materials
Z. R. Zhang, Z. T. Liu, Y. Yang and Z. G. Lin                      281
Synthesis of doped LiMn204 by microwave-polymer process and lithium
diffusion behaviour
Shu Ting Yang, Yan Feng Zhang, Qing Zhang Lu, Ming Chun Zhang
and Li Ding                                                        287
Template synthesis of nano-structured material for Li-ion batteries
J. Zhao, Q. Y Gao, G. T. Wu, Y. Yang and Z. G. Lin                 295
The structure and electrochemical performance of the spinel LiMn204,
modified by using solid state reaction
Lu Shigang, Liu Renming and Sun Yucheng                            301
Investigation of lithium cobalt nickel oxide as lithium ion battery cathode
material prepared by a new citrate sol-gel method
Jingli Han and Qingguo Liu                                         305
Preparation of layered LiCoO2 by microwave-polymer network process and
its electrochemistry performance investigation
S. T. Yang, Y. F. Zhang, J. H. Jia, Q. Z. Li, M. C. Zhang andL. Di  311
Structural changes of Ni(OH)2 prepared from different nickel salt during
charge/discharge process
Yang Shuting, Yin Yanhong, Lii Qingzhang, Zhang Mingchun and Ding Li  315

Structural properties and lithium insertion kinetics of layered oxides with
Lil+xV3Os-related structure
A. K. Ivanov-Schitz, S. V. Pouchko, J. B. Schoonman
andN. G. Chaban                                                     321
Low-temperature synthesized Lil+xV3Os as a cathode material for rechargeable
lithium-ion batteries
Jianrui Liu, Meng Wang, Dachuan Yin and Weidong Huang               327
Preparation and electrochemical properties of Li-doped BaFeO4 as electrode
material for lithium-ion batteries
Lin Dongfeng, Ye Shihai, Song Deying, Yuan Huatang, Shen Panwen,
Yan Deyi and Gong Weilin                                            331
Flatband potentials and charge transfer at y-MnO2/[Fe(CN)63- interface
Yuan Guo, Yong-Jun Li, Mao-Xia He and XiXia                         335
C.2    Anode Materials
Nanosized alloy-based anode materials for Li-ion batteries (Invited)
Hong Li, Lihong Shi, Wei Lu, Xuejie Huang and Liquan Chen           343
Advanced anode systems based on tin-containing hosts and Li2.6Co0.4N
for lithium-ion batteries
Y. Takeda, J. Yang, N. Imanishi, J. Y Xie and O. Yamamoto           351
Electrochemical performance of nano-SnSb alloy deposited on carbon as anode
active materials for Li ion batteries
Lihong Shi, Hong Li, Wei Lu, Xuejie Huang and Liquan Chen           357
Electrochemical performance of Ni-deposited graphite anodes for lithium
secondary batteries
Lihong Shi, Qing Wang, Hong Li, Xuejie Huang and Liquan Chen        361
Structure and performance of epoxy resin cladded graphite used as anode
Zhou Zhentao and Li Haiun                                           365
Studies on intercalation/deintercalation mechanism of high polymer modified
graphite anode for lithium ion battery
Yang Shuting, Liu Lijun and Lu Qingzhang                            371
Raman spectral studies on solid state interphase in Li batteries
Hong Li, Guifeng Li, Yujun Mo, Xuejie Huang and Liquan Chen         377

C.3    Polymer Electrolytes
Polymer electrolytes based on modified natural rubber
M. D. Glasse, R. Idris, R. J. Latham, R. G. Linford
and W. S. Schlindwein                                             385
Characteristics of composite polymer electrolytes based on poly(ethelyene oxide)
and inorganic fiber
Z. Y. Wen, Z. X Lin, J. D. Cao, T. Itoh and 0. Yamamoto           395
Conductivity enhancement in the plasticized solid polymer electrolyte
PEO:LiCF3SO3:EC by the addition of a-A 203
L. R. A. K. Bandara, M. A. K. L. Dissanayake and B. E. Mellander  401
Conductivity of anion polymer electrolyte
Xie Haifen, Li Guangyuan and Wang Rong                            407
Conductivity studies on lithium perchlorate containing liquid and gel electrolytes
Narinder Arora and S. S. Sekhon                                   411
Electrical properties of PVDF-HFP microporous membrane for lithium ion battery
Xumei Ren, Hui Gu, Feng Wu andXuejie Huang                        417
Ion movement in poly-N-methylpyrrole films during redox processing
K. P. Vidanapathirana and M. A. Careem                            421
Ionic conductivity of polymer electrolyte prepared in electrical field
Li Guangyuan, Ning Chaofeng and Jin Guozheng                      427
Polymer ion conductivity and DSPP grain sizes
Wang Rong, Li Guangyuan, Cheng Jianhua and Xie Haifen             433
Methanol permeability and conductivity of alkali ion-doped Nafion membrane
Shi Meng, Qiu Xinping and Zhu Wentao                              437
PMMA based gel electrolytes in mixed solvents for wider temperature range
S. S. Sekhon and Narinder Arora                                   443
Polymer-in-salt electrolytes based on PAN-LiTFSI
Jingze Li, Zhaoxiang Wang, Hong Li, Xuejie Huang and Liquan Chen  449
Preparation of microporous membranes for lithium ion battery
Xumei Ren, Hui Gu, Feng Wu andXuejie Huang                        455
Sodium ion conducting composite polymer electrolytes for battery applications
S. A. Hashmi, H. M. Upadhyaya and Awalendra K. Thakur             461

Study on redox shuttles used as overcharge protection additives for lithium
ion rechargeable batteries
Yanyan and Zhou Zhentao                                             467
The compatibility of electrolyte with the electrodes in lithium ion batteries
Xu Zhongyu, Zheng Honghe, He Yuede and Han Shaochang                471
Cycling performance and interface properties of Li/PEO-LiX-ceramic
filler/LiNio.CoO.202 cell
Li Qi, Y. Takeda, N. Imanishi, J. Yang, H. Y Sun and 0. Yamamoto    477
Preparation of PAN: EC: PC: LiTf polymer electrolytes and characterization
of Li/PAN: EC: PC: LiTf/PPy: DBS cells
Kumudu Perera, M A. K. L. Dissanayake and P. W. S. K. Bandaranayake  483
Determination of chemical diffusion coefficient of lithium ion in host materials
and electrolyte simultaneously with potential relaxation technique
Qing Wang, Hong Li, Xuefie Huang and Liquan Chen                    489
Agglomeration and surface passivating film Ag nano-brush electrode in
lithium batteries
Xiaodong Wu Hong Li, Xuejie Huang and Liquan Chen                   493
Proton conductivity of tungsten trioxide hydrates at intermediate temperature (Invited)
T. Kudo, Y.-M. Li, Y Tanaka andM. Hibino                            501
Protonic conduction in ceramics of non-perovskite-type oxides at elevated
temperatures (Invited)
Tetsuo Shimura and Hiroyasu Iwahara                                 503
Research and development of planar SOFC stack system (Invited)
T.-L. Wen, D. Wang, M. Chen, H. Y Tu, Z. Lu, H. Nie andZ. Zhang     513
Effect of Nano-AI203 on the densification properties of normal pressure sintering
and the conductivity of nano-ZrO2(4Y)
Yuan Wangzhi, Lao Linger, Tian Wei, Liu Yi, Wang Dazhi, Yao Kun
and Wang Zheng                                                      523
Phase characterization and electrical properties of LSM-LSGM system
Jae Yeon Yi and Gyeong Man Choi                                     529
Chemical reactivity of REo.6Cao.4Mno.sCoo.sO-3 (RE = La, Pr, Nd, Sm and Gd)
and yttria stabilized zirconia
H. Y Tu, J. H. Yang, Z. L. Zhan, Z. Y. Lu, D. Q. Wang and T. L. Wen  535

Fabrication and characterization of tungsten trioxide electrochromic films
for emissivity modulation purposes
Yuzhi Zhang, Sulan Kuai, Yinsong Huang and Xingfang Hu             727
Study on electrochromic process and technology of W03 films
Huang Shiyong, Qu Fengqin, Miao Ye andXin Zhirong                  733
Titanium dioxide films prepared by screen-printing technique for
self-powered electrochromic windows
Muhamad Mat Salleh, Muhamad Yahaya and Mursyidah                   737
Research on NiOx/KOH/C electrochemical capacitor
Wang Xiaofeng, Kong Xianghua and Liu Qingguo                       743
Effects of C 1- and F adsorption on methanol oxidation on polycrystalline
platinum electrode
Liu Yicheng, Qiu Xinpin and Zhu Wentao                             749
Author Index                                                              755


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