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Table of contents for In the devil's garden : a sinful history of forbidden food / Stewart Lee Allen.

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First Bite                                          7
Enveloped in Sweet Odor                            11
Likeness of a Roasted Crab                         16
Love Apple                                         17
The Ketchup with a Thousand Faces                  22
Venomous Green                                     25
Tulsi Ki Chai                                      27
The Ecstasy of Being Eaten                         27
The King's Chocolate                               31
Tlaquetzalli                                       37
Gay Gourmand                                       38
Beijing Libido                                     41
The Rainbow Egg                                    43

Original Sin                                       51
Porcus Troianu                                     52
Ovis Apalis                                        56
Cocktails with the Devil                           57
The Sultan's Date                                  60
Angel Food Cake                                    61
Saints and Supermodels                             63
Bitter Herbs                                       67
Red Lady                                           68
The Joy of Fat                                     70
Mitterrand's Last Supper                           72
The Egotist at Dinner                              81
The Dirt Eaters                                    83
A Dinner Party in Kishan Garhi                     85
The Last Supper                                    89
Humble Pie                                         91
A Prophetic Chicken                               100
Impure Indian Corn                                101
The Butterfly People                              105
Sky Blue Corn Flakes                              106
Ghost at the Dinner Table!                        107
King's Cake                                       110

The Sacred Act of Eating                           18
The Jewish Pig                                     18
Dinner with the Spanish Inquisition                19'
The Kosher Question                                19
The Lawyer in Us                                   19(
Lent Egg                                           19E
A Well-Risen Messiah                               19S
For What We Are About to Receive                   201
O, Dog                                             202
Holy Cow                                           206
You and Your Beautiful Hide                        211
The Civilized Sauce                                219
The Sadistic Chef                                  221
Deep-Fried Murder                                  223
Only if It Has a Face                              227
Hitler's Last Meal                                 231
Little Nigoda                                      233
The French Connection                              235
Vicious Little Red Man                             239
Insanity Popcorn                                   241
Stinking Infidels                                  242

Five Angry Vegetables                            246
Feasting to the Death                            247
The Eighth Sin
When Everything Is Allowed and Nothing Has Flavor  255
Acknowledgments                                  261
Endnotes                                         263
Bibliography                                     295


Library of Congress subject headings for this publication: Gastronomy History, Food habits History, Cookery History, Menus