Table of contents for A history of modern Indonesia since c. 1200 / M.C. Ricklefs.

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I The Emergence of the Modern Era
1 The Coming of Islam
2 General Aspects of Pre-Colonial States and
Major Empires, c.1300-1500
3 The Arrival of the Europeans in Indonesia, c.1509-1620
4 The Rise of New States, c.1500-1650
5 Literary, Religious and Cultural Legacies
II Struggles for Hegemony, c.1630-1800
6 Eastern Indonesia, c.1630-1800
7 Western Indonesia, c.1640-1800
8 Java, c.1640-82
9 Java, Madura and the VOC, c.1680-1745
10 Java and the VOC, c.1745-92
III The Creation of a Colonial State, c.1800-1910
11 Java, 1792-1830
12 Java, 1830-1900
13 The Outer Islands, c.1800-1910

IV  The Emergence of the Idea of Indonesia, c.1900-42
14 A New Colonial Age
15 The First Steps towards National Revival, c.1900-27
16 Repression and Economic Crisis, 1927-42
V  The Destruction of the Colonial State, 1942-50
17 The Second World War and the Japanese
Occupation, 1942-5
18 The Revolution, 1945-50
VI Independent Indonesia
19 The Democratic Experiment, 1950-7
20 Guided Democracy, 1957-65
21 Creating the New Order, 1965-75
22 The New Order at its Peak, 1976-88
23 The Challenge, Crisis and Collapse of
the New Order, 1989-98
24 Indonesia since Soeharto


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