Table of contents for Principles of frontal lobe function / edited by Donald T. Stuss, Robert T. Knight.

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1 Introduction, 1
Donald T. Stuss, Robert T. Knight
2 The Human Frontal Lobes: Transcending the Default Mode through
Contingent Encoding, 8
M.-Marsel Mesulam
3 Association Pathways of the Prefrontal Cortex and Functional Observations, 31
Michael Petrides, Deepak N. Pandya
4 Neurochemical Modulation of Prefrontal Cortical Function
in Humans and Animals, 51
Amy F.T. Arsten, Trevor W. Robbins
5 Functional Architecture of the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex
in Monkeys and Humans, 85
Patricia S. Goldman-Rakic, Hoi-Chung Leung
6 Physiology of Executive Functions: The Perception-Action Cycle, 96
Joaquin M. Fuster
7 The Theatre of the Mind: Physiological Studies of the Human Frontal Lobes, 109
Terence W. Picton, Claude Alain, Anthony R. McIntosh
8 Motor Programming for Hand and Vocalizing Movements, 127
Hisae Gemba
9 Cortical Control of Visuomotor Reflexes, 149
Robert Rafal
10 Disorders of Language After Frontal Lobe Injury: Evidence for the Neural
Mechanisms of Assembling Language, 159
Michael P. Alexander

11 The Organization of Working Memory Function in Lateral Prefrontal
Cortex: Evidence from Event-Related Functional MRI, 168
Mark D'Esposito, Bradley R. Postle
12 The Frontal Cortex and Working with Memory, 188
Morris Moscovitch, Gordon Winocur
13 Memory Retrieval and Executive Control Processes, 210
Arthur P. Shimamura
14 Dorsal Prefrontal Cortex: Maintenance in Memory or Attentional Selection? 221
Richard E. Passingham, James B. Rowe
15 Mechanisms of Conflict Resolution in Prefrontal Cortex, 233
John Jonides, David Badre, Clayton Curtis, Sharon L. Thompson-Schill, Edward E. Smith
16 Fractionating the Central Executive, 246
Alan Baddeley
17 Fractionation of the Supervisory System, 261
Tim Shallice
18 Cognitive Focus through Adaptive Neural Coding in the Primate Prefrontal Cortex, 278
John Duncan, Earl K. Miller
19 The Structured Event Complex and the Human Prefrontal Cortex, 292
Jordan Grafman
20 Chronesthesia: Conscious Awareness of Subjective Time, 311
Endel Tulving
21 Integration across Multiple Cognitive and Motivational Domains in
Monkey Prefrontal Cortex, 326
Masataka Watanabe
22 Emotion, Decision Making, and the Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex, 338
Daniel Tranel
23 The Functions of the Orbitofrontal Cortex, 354
Edmund T. Rolls
24 Mapping Mood: An Evolving Emphasis on Frontal-Limbic Interactions, 376
Helen S. Mayberg
25 Fractionation and Localization of Distinct Frontal Lobe Processes: Evidence from Focal
Lesions in Humans, 392
Donald T. Stuss, Michael P. Alexander, Darlene Floden, Malcolm A. Binns, Brian Levine,
Anthony R. McIntosh, Natasha Rajah, Stephanie J. Hevenor
26 Neurobehavioural Consequences of Neurosurgical Treatments and Focal Lesions of
Frontal-Subcortical Circuits, 408
Jean A. Saint-Cyr, Yuri L. Bronstein, Jeffrey L. Cummings
27 The Role of Prefrontal Cortex in Normal and Disordered Cognitive Control: A Cognitive
Neuroscience Perspective, 428
Todd S. Braver, Jonathan D. Cohen, Deanna M. Barch
28 Novel Approaches to the Assessment of Frontal Damage and Executive Deficits in
Traumatic Brain Injury, 448
Brian Levine, Douglas I. Katz, Lauren Dade, Sandra E. Black

29 Normal Development of Prefrontal Cortex from Birth to Young Adulthood:
Cognitive Functions, Anatomy, and Biochemistry, 466
Adele Diamond
30 Executive Functions after Frontal Lobe Injury: A Developmental Perspective, 504
Vicki Anderson, Harvey S. Levin, Rani Jacobs
31 Aging, Memory, and Frontal Lobe Functioning, 528
Fergus I.M. Craik, Cheryl L. Grady
32 Frontal Lobe Plasticity and Behavior, 541
Bryan Kolb, Robbin Gibb
33 Principles of the Rehabilitation of Frontal Lobe Function, 557
Paul W. Burgess, Ian H. Robertson
34 Prefrontal Cortex: The Present and the Future, 573
Robert T. Knight, Donald T. Stuss


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