Table of contents for Exiles from a future time : the forging of the mid-twentieth-century literary left / Alan M. Wald.

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Chapter 1. American Jeremiad 9
Recording Angel 9
Shakespeare in Overalls 15
Poems forWorkers 18
"Write It Plain" 28
Revolutionary Romanticsm 33

Chapter 2. Inventing Mike Gold 39
"A Kind of Cheeky Krazy Kat" 39
"By Street Life and Thunder" 42
Poverty Is a Trap 45
Meyerhold in Harlem 5o
The Van Gogh of a Darker Time 55
The Gold Standard 61

Chapter 3. The Great Promise 71
Living in a "State of Emergency" 71
"Waiting for Trachty" 76
The Black Cultural Front 80
African Americans and the John Reed Clubs 84
Gender and Party Commitment 95

Chapter 4. The New Masses and the Social Muse 103
"Bloody Anarchists" 103
Becoming a Weekly 108
Portrait of a New Masses Literary Editor 112
Poetry and the Popular Front 119
The Last Refuge 127

Chapter 5. Yogis and Commissars 163
Love and Revolution 163
A Pen Dripped in Vitriol 166
The St. Augustine of Communism 171
The Red Valentino 178
A Divided Life 185
The Dream with the Changing Name 190

Chapter 6. Three Moderns in Search of an Answer 193
The Modernist Temptation 193
Bastard in the Ragged Suit 198
Apollinaire of the Proletariat 204
Byron of the Poolhalls 214

Chapter 7. Sappho in Red 229
Loyalties 229
The Rational Ecologist 234
Waltzing Mouse 238
And God Came In 244
The Apostate 247
The Premature Socialist-Feminists 252

Chapter 8. Black Marxists in White America 263
Transcending Narrow Nationalisms 263
New Challenges 267
"New" and "Newer" Negroes 276
Between Class and Nationality 279
From Banjo to Melody 291

Conclusion: The Antinomies of a Proletarian Avant-garde 299
Flights and Moorings 299
A Social Poet's Progress 306
Poets and Criminals 316


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