Table of contents for Relative values : reconfiguring kinship studies / edited by Sarah Franklin & Susan McKinnon.

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INTRODUCTION Relative Values: Reconfiguring Kinship Studies
    Sarah Franklin and Susan McKinnon,  

PART I Substantial-Codings: From Blood to Hypertext
1 Substantivism, Antisubstantivism, and Anti-antisubstantivism
   Janet Carsten, 29
 2 The Ethnography of Creation: Lewis Henry Morgan and the
   American Beaver Gillian Feeley-Harnik, 54
 3 Making Kinship, with an Old Reproductive Technology
   Mary Bouquet, 85
 4 Kinship in Hypertext: Transubstantiating Fatherhood and
    Information Flow in Artificial Life Stefan Helmreich, 116

PART II Kinship Negotiations: What's Biology Not/Got to Do with It
5 Kinship, Controversy, and the Sharing of Substance: The Race/
    Class Politics of Blood Transfusion Kath Weston, 147
 6 Strategic Naturalizing: Kinship in an Infertility Clinic
    Charis Thompson, 175


7 Self-Conscious Kinship: Some Contested Values in Norwegian
   Transnational Adoption Signe Howell, 203
 8 Practicing Kinship in Rural North China Yunxiang Yan, 224
 9 The Shift in Kinship Studies in France: The Case of
    Grandparenting Martine Segalen, 246

PART III Nature, Culture, and the Properties of Kinship

10 The Economies in Kinship and the Paternity of Culture: Origin
    Stories in Kinship Theory Susan McKinnon, 277
11 Biologization Revisited: Kinship Theory in the Context of the
    New Biologies Sarah Franklin, 302

PART IV 'R' Genes Us? The Uses of Gene/alogies
12 Blood/Kinship, Governmentality, and Cultures of Order in
    Colonial Africa Melbourne Tapper, 329
 13 "We're Going to Tell These People Who They Really Are":
    Science and Relatedness Jonathan Marks, 355
14 Genealogical Dis-Ease: Where Hereditary Abnormality,
    Biomedical Explanation, and Family Responsibility Meet
    Rayna Rapp, Deborah Heath, and Karen-Sue Taussig, 384

PART V Ambivalence and Violence at the Heart of Kinship
15 Ambivalence in Kinship since the 1940S Michael G. Peletz, 413

16 Cutting the Ties That Bind: The Sacrifice of Abraham and
    Patriarchal Kinship Carol Delaney, 445
 17 To Forget Their Tongue, Their Name, and Their Whole
    Relation: Captivity, Extra-Tribal Adoption, and the Indian
    Child Welfare Act Pauline Turner Strong, 468


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