Table of contents for Reconstruction of fragmented ecosystems : global and regional perspectives / edited by Denis A. Saunders, Richard J. Hobbs, and Paul R. Ehrlich.

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Preface. Nature Conservation Series. By D. A. Saunders and I. E. Beatty ..v
Preface. By D. A. Saunders, RKJ. Hobbs and P. K Ehrlich  .ix-xi
List of Colour Plates  .xiv
1. The scale of the human enterprise. By P. REhrlich        ..                      3-8
2. Social constraints on restoration ecology. By G. C. Daily  ..                   9-16
3. Global co-operation and ecosystem restoration. By A. H. Ehrlich ..             17-25
4. Restoration ecology and climatic change. By A. R Main  .27-32
5. Some human responses to global problems. By E. C. Lefroy and R.J. Hobbs .33-39
6. Discussion report: how global change will impact on restoration projects. By PR J. Hobbs
andS.A.Scougall ....                                                           41-42
7. What do we presently understand about ecosystem  fragmentation? By Y. Haila,
D. A. Saunders and R J. Hobbs                                                  45-55
8. Habitat edges and restoration: methods for quantifying edge effects and predicting the
results of restoration efforts. By T. D. Sisk and C. R Margules  ...... ..     57-69
9. Corridors in restoration of fragmented landscapes. By G. Merriam and D. A. Saunders  71-87
10. Climatic considerations in reserve design and ecological restoration. By S. B. Weiss and
D. D. Murphy.                                                                 89-107
11. Contrasting roles of remnants in old and newly impacted landscapes: lessons for ecosystem
reconstruction. By P. Angelstam and G. W. Arnold  ......                      109-25
12. Restoration ecology and invasions. By R J. Hobbs and H. A. Mooney  .. ..      127-33
13. Ecology and stress from a population genetics perspective. By M. W. Feldman ..  135-40
14. The loss of biodiversity and landscape restoration: conservation, management, survival.
An Australian perspective. By H. F. Recher . ...........                      141-51
15. The role of patchiness in reconstructed wheatbelt landscapes. By R. J. Lambeck and
D. A. Saunders                                                                153-61
16. Edge effects in grazed and ungrazed Western Australian wheatbelt remnants in relation to
ecosystem reconstruction. By S. A Scougall,J. D. Majer and RJ. Hobbs ........  163-78
17. Effects of fragmentation on some Florida ecosystems, and how to redress them.
ByD. Simberloff .179-87
18. Discussion report: management implications of restructuring a fragmented landscape.
By A. R. Main and R J. Lambeck  .189-90
19. Ecological restoration: replenishing our national and global ecological capital.
ByJ. CairnsJr.                                                               193-208
20. Restoration of function or diversity? By. K Armstrong  ..209-14
21. What information do primary producers need from ecologists? By D. Couper      215-23
22. Restoring seemingly natural communities on agricultural land. By G. Fry and  R. Main ..  225-41
23. Reconciling agriculture and nature conservation: toward a restoration strategy for the
Western Australian wheatbelt. By E. C. Lefroy, R. J. Hobbs and M. Scheltema  .. ....  243-57
24. The recognition and implementation of landscape management objectives for agriculture
in the UK By B. H. Green .259-66
25. Special people, a special animal and a special vision: the first steps to restoring a
fragmented tropical landscape. By F. H.J. Crome andJ. Bentrupperbilumer  ..   267-79
26. Landcare groups in Western Australia: the role of self help groups in restoring degraded
farmland. By K F. Goss andJ. Chatfield  ......                                281-93
27. Communication: how can ecologists get their message out? P. R Ehrlich  ..295-301
28. Reconstruction of fragmented ecosystems: problems and possibilities. By D. A Saunders,
J. Hobbs and P. REhrlich  .305-13
Index .  .                                                                    315-26


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