Table of contents for Your pregnancy and newborn journey : a guide for pregnant teens / Jeanne Warren Lindsay and Jean Brunelli.

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Parenting Starts with Pregnancy
* Your feelings matter * See your healthcare provider
early!  Medical expenses of pregnancy  Stay in school!
* Your parents' reaction  Mother/daughter relationship
* Your partner's reaction * If he's not with you
* Abusive relationships, gangs * Life goes on
Dealing with Minor Discomforts
* Always tired  Morning sickness - all day  "Where's
the bathroom?" * Are you dizzy? * Moodiness strikes
* You may have heartburn * If constipation is a problem
* Varicose veins and hemorrhoids * If you can't sleep
 Dealing with backaches * Movement from baby
* Danger signs  Pregnancy is not permanent
Your Baby's Development
* Sperm and ovum unite * Female and male reproductive
organs * Cells continue to divide  Second, third months
* Fourth month ends * Checking on your baby  Prenatal
visits lead to healthy babies * You'll feel him move
* Sixth month - not ready to be born * Baby gets fatter

4        rEating Right for Baby and You
* Your baby eats what you eat * Good nutrition helps
prevent eclampsia  Importance of protein  Milk for
baby's bones, teeth * Fruits and vegetables  Cereals and
bread * Take your vitamins * Limit the fat * Calories
count * The fast-food dilemma * Follow the Food Guide
5       "No" to Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol
* Smoking harms fetus  Baby can't "breathe" * Smokers
may have smaller babies * Fetal alcohol syndrome
(FAS)  Drugs and pregnancy * "No" to over-the-
counter drugs
6      For Some -    Adoption Is an Option
* Adoption is changing  Counseling is important
* Father's rights in adoption -Adoption planning is
difficult  Grandparents' feelings Making the final
decision * Birthparents will grieve  Supporting an
adoption plan
7      Preparing for Labor and Delivery
* Nine months of preparation  Those early contractions
* Prepared childbirth * You need a coach Relaxation
techniques help  Premature labor signs * Prepare a birth
plan  Labor - an athletic event
8      Your Baby Is Born
Signs of early labor  Timing your contractions * Pain
relief medication ' Transition stage  Your baby's arrival
' Delivery of the placenta ' The circumcision decision
' For some, a C-section  Baby's first test
9      The Baby with Special Needs
How parents feel  How to help baby with special
needs  Telling others about the baby  How to help
a friend whose baby has special needs  Things to

10      Your Fourth Trimester
* How will you feel? * After-baby blues * Getting help
* Lifestyle changes  Bonding with your baby
* Handling stress * Take a few minutes off
* Your partner relationship
11     Feeding Your Newborn
* Many choose breastfeeding * Less illness for breastfed
babies * Getting started * The art of breastfeeding
* Is baby getting enough? * Guardingyour health
* Breastfeed in public? * Some prefer bottle-feeding
12      What Does a New Baby Do?
* What does she look like?  Belly button care * How
baby develops * What can he see? * Notice her reflex
actions * Those first days  Observe him closely
* What does baby want out of life? * Infants don't
"spoil" * Perhaps she's lonely  He may like swaddling
* Be sensitive to her needs
13      Especially for Dad
* For teen fathers * Perhaps you're older * If you aren't
together  Father's rights * Her parents may reject you
* Your parents' reaction * Your responsibilities as a
father * Don't drop out! * Dad's role during pregnancy
* Sharing prenatal care visits * She needs a labor coach
* Taking responsibility * It's not easy
14 Another Baby - When?
* Sex may change relationship * Issues to consider
* Other objections to contraception  Lots of options
* Birth control pill  Intrauterine device (IUD)
* Contraceptive implant  Depo-Provera  STD concerns
* AIDS - the incurable STD * Caring for yourself and
your family
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