Table of contents for Agricultural transformation and land use in Central and Eastern Europe / edited by Stephan J. Goetz, Tanja Jaksch, Rosemarie Siebert.

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1     Central and Eastern European Agricultural
Transformation in a Global Perspective
Stephan, J. Goetz
1.0   Introduction
1.1   Description of the national economies
1.2   Differences in agricultural economies and
rural areas
1.3   Central and Eastern Europe in the global
1.4   Conclusion
2     Climate, Soils and Agricultural Potential
Gudrun Loose
2.0    Introduction
2.1    Climate
2.2    Soils
2.3    Summary and prospects
3      Social Change and Trends in Rural Areas
Rosemarie Siebert
3.0   Introduction
3.1    Population density and distribution
3.2    Demography and migration
3.3    The advent of unemployment

3.4    Changing standards of living
3.5    Summary
Baltic States
4      Estonia
Elke Knappe
4.0    General setting
4.1    Agricultural policy
4.2    Land use
4.3    Forestry
5      Latvia
Elke Knappe
5.0    General setting
5.1    Agricultural policy
5.2    Land use
5.3    Forestry
6      Lithuania
Elke Knappe
6.0    General setting
6.1    Agricultural policy
6.2    Land use
6.3    Forestry
Former States of The Soviet Union
7      Belarus
Dieter Drdger
7.0    Background to the transformation
7.1    General setting
7.2    Agricultural policy
7.3    Land use
7.4    Forestry
8      Russia
Tanja Jaksch and Dieter Drdger
8.0    Background to the transformation
8.1    General setting

8.2    Agricultural policy
8.3    Land use
9      Ukraine
Hermann Mertens
9.0    Background to the transformation
9.1    General setting
9.2    Land use
9.3    Changes in property and use rights
9.4    Forest fund and forestry
Eastern European Countries
10    Bulgaria
Dieter Drager and Tanja Jaksch
10.0   Background to the transformation
10.1  General setting
10.2  Agricultural policy
10.3   Land use
11    Czech Republic
Tanja Jaksch
11.0  Background to the transformation
11.1  General setting '
11.2  Land use in agriculture and forestry
11.3  Looking ahead at possible developments
in agriculture
11.4  Forestry
12    Hungary
Tanja Jaksch
12.0  Background to the transformation
12.1  General setting
12.2  Land use
12.3  Outlook
13    Poland
Hermann Mertens
13.0  Background to the transformation
13.1  General setting
13.2   Land use

13.3   Environment, agricultural production and
rural areas
13.4   Strategic considerations
13.5   Land use for forestry
13.6   Rural socioeconomic conditions
14     Romania
Dieter Drager and Tanja Jaksch
14.0   Background tothe transformation
14.1   General setting
14.2   Agricultural policy
14.3   Land use
14.4   Outlook
15     Slovakia
Tanja Jaksch
15.0   Background to the transformation
15.1  General setting
15.2  Agriculture
15.3  Land use
15.4  Development prospects in the context of
16     Land Use for Forestry
Albrecht Bemmann
16.0  Introduction
16.1  Forest conditions
16.2  Changes in forest property rights
16.3  Forest use
16.4  Forestry products certification
16.5  Conclusions
17     Prospects for the Future
Tanja Jaksch, Rosemarie Siebert and Stephan J Goetz


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