Table of contents for Hydrogen : the essential element / John S. Rigden.

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1  In the Beginning: Hydrogen and the Big Bang        6
2   Hydrogen and the Unity of Matter: The Prout      12
William Prout, 1815
3   Hydrogen and the Spectra of the Chemical Elements:  19
A Swiss High School Teacher Finds a Pattern
JohannJakob Balmer, 1885
4   The Bohr Model of Hydrogen: A Paradigm for the   27
Structure of Atoms
Niels Bohr, 1913
5   Relativity Meets the Quantum in the Hydrogen Atom  43
Arnold Sommerfeld, 1916
6   The Fine-Structure Constant: A Strange Number    52
with Universal Significance
Arnold Sommerfeld, 1916
7   The Birth of Quantum Mechanics: The Hydrogen     59
Atom Answers the "Crucial Question"
Werner Heisenberg and Wolfgang Pauli, 1925-26 
Paul Dirac, 1925-26

8   The Hydrogen Atom: Midwife to the Birth of Wave   74
Erwin Schrddinger, 1926
9   The Hydrogen Atom and Dirac' Theory of the        87
Paul Dirac, 1928
10   Hydrogen Guides Nuclear Physicists: The Discovery of  96
Harold Urey, 1932
11   Hubris Meets Hydrogen: The Magnetic Moment of    103
the Proton
Otto Stem, 1933
12   The Magnetic Resonance Method: The Origin of    113
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
I. I. Rabi, 1938
13   New Nuclear Forces Required: The Discovery of the  125
Quadrupole Moment of the Deuteron
Norman E Ramsey and I. I. Rabi, 1939
14  Magnetic Resonance in Bulk Matter (NMR)          137
Edward M. Purcell and Felix Bloch, 1946
15   Hydrogen 's Challenge to Dirac Theory: Quantum  150
Electrodynamics as the Prototype Physical Theory
Willis Lamb, 1947
16   The Hydrogen Atom Portends an Anomaly with the  161
I. I. Rabi, John E. Nafe, and Edward B. Nelson, 1946
17   Hydrogen Maps the Galaxy                        171
Edward M. Purcell and Harold Ewen, 1951

18   The Hydrogen Maser: A High-Precision Clock      183
Norman F Ramsey and Daniel Kleppner, 1960
19   The Rydberg Constant: A Fundamental Constant    197
Johannes Robert Rydberg, 1890
Theodor W. Hinsch, 1992
20   The Abundance ofDeuterium.:A Check on Big Bang  211
David N. Schramm, 1945-1997
21   Antihydrogen: The First Antiatom                223
22   The Bose-Einstein Condensate for Hydrogen       234
Satyendranath Bose, 1924 * Albert Einstein, 1925 
Eric A. Cornell and Carl E. Wieman, 1995 
Daniel Kleppner and Tom Greytak, 1998
23   Exotic Hydrogen-like Atoms: From Theory to      242


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