Table of contents for The expulsion of the Jews from Spain / Haim Beinart ; translated by Jeffrey M. Green.

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List of Tables                                              xvi
List of Illustrations                                       xvi
Abbreviations                                               xvii
1. Introduction: Ferdinand and Isabella, King and Queen       i
i. The Situation of Spanish Jewry 
ii. Forced Segregation                                    4
in. The Inquisition                                       I8
iv. Financing the Reconquista                            22
v. Propaganda against Jews and Conversos                 26
vi. The Fall of Granada                                  29
2. The Edict of Expulsion                                    33
I. Promulgation                                         33
n. Analysis of the Structure                             38
iii. Drafting                                            41
iv. The Views of the Catholic Monarchs                   43
v. Text and Translation of the Edict of Expulsion        49
3. The Fate of Jewish Communal Property                      55
i. Land and Buildings                                   55
n. Loans                                                 60
in. Synagogues, Houses of Study, and Ritual Baths        69
The Kingdom of Castile                               70
The Kingdom ofAragon                                 97
iv. Abattoirs and Baking Ovens                          104
The Kingdom of Castile                              I05
The Kingdom ofAragon                                Io8
v. Cemeteries                                           IIo
The Kingdom of Castile                              iI 
The Kingdom ofAragon                                 I6
4. Jewish-Christian Credit and its Liquidation              118
i. The Kingdom of Castile                              I 8
Attempts to Settle Accounts before Departure         125
Public Debts to Jews                                 139

Private Debts of Christians to Jews                  142
Collection of Christians' Debts to Jews after the Expulsion  161
Debts of Jews to Christians and the Payment of these Debts  I82
n. The Kingdom of Aragon                                 201
5. The Implementation of the Edict                          207
i. The Road to Implementation                           207
I. Organizing the Departure: The Role of the Genoese     218
in. Implementation of the Edict in the Kingdom of Aragon  223
Departure by Land                                    229
Departure by Sea                                     238
iv. Implementation of the Edict in the Kingdom of Castile  244
Conversion instead of Exile or Prison                244
Tribulations of Departure                            253
Exploitation on the Border: Ciudad Rodrigo           26I
The Passage from Castile into Portugal               272
Departure by Sea                                     274
v. Implementation of the Edict in Sardinia and Sicily   279
vi. Navarre: Asylum and Expulsion                        28i
vii. The Number of Jews Expelled                          284
6. Smuggling                                                291
7. Return and Conversion                                    329
i. Return and Conversion among the Jews of Castile      338
i. Return and Conversion among the Jews of Aragon        402
8. The Senior Dynasty                                       413
i. The Origins of the Family and its First Steps in
Government                                           413
n. The Case of Juan de Talavera                          424
in. Abraham Senior's Public Service before Conversion    428
iv. Abraham Senior's Property                            434
v. Abraham Senior as Tax-Farmer and Tax-Collector       443
vi. Abraham Senior as Treasurer of the Hermandad         456
vii. Expulsion and Conversion                             460
viii. Fernan Niniez Coronel's General Financial Activity  469
IX. Rabbi Meir Melamed and his Sons                      475
x. Solomon Senior, the Sons of Abraham Senior, and
Other Family Members                                 490

9. The House of Abravanel, 1483-1492            50I
10. Contemporaries Describe the Expulsion        520


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