Table of contents for American Indian politics and the American political system / David E. Wilkins.

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List of Illustrations and Photographs                            vii
List of Tables                                                    ix
List of Acronyms                                                  xi
Preface                                                          xiii
Note on Terminology                                              xix
Timeline of American Indian Peoples, All Tribes and Regions      xxi
Introduction                                                       1
1 A Tour of Indian Peoples and Indian Lands                     11
2  Indian Peoples Are Nations, Not Minorities                   41
3  Actors in Indian Politics                                    63
Northwest Tribes and the State of Washington: A Case Study   99
4 A History of Federal Indian Policy                            103
5 Indigenous Governments, Past, Present, and Future             119
The Iroquois Confederacy: A Case Study                       123
The Cherokee: A Case Study                                   129
The Ft. Peck Reservation's General Council: A Case Study    141
The Navajo Nation's President: A Case Study                 141
The Crow Tribal Court: A Case Study                          142
6  Tribal Political Economy                                     157
The Mashantucket Pequot: A Case Study                        168

7 Indian Political Participation: Patriotism, Suffrage, and Partisanship  185
8 Indian Interest Group Activity and Activism                 201
9 Indians, Images, and the Media                              225
10 Indigenous Nations and the American Political System        245
Appendix A: Federally Recognized Entities                      259
Appendix B: 1778 Delaware-U.S. Treaty                          273
Appendix C: Remonstrance of Col. Peter Pitchlynn               277
Appendix D: Talton v. Mayes (1896)                             281
Appendix E: Constitution and Bylaws of the Pueblo of Santa Clara,
New Mexico                                                   287
Appendix F: Executive Order 13084: Consultation and Coordination
with Indian Tribal Governments                               295
Appendix G: Major Congressional Law Affecting Indians          299
Appendix H: Selected Internet Sources                          303
Notes                                                          307
Glossary                                                       335
Suggested Readings                                             341
Case Index                                                     345
Subject Index                                                  347


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