Table of contents for The intellectual life of the British working classes / Jonathan Rose.

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Chapter One A Desire for Singularity  12
Scottish Overture I 16  The Milkmaid's Iliad  18
Knowledge and Power 20     Literature and Dogma  29
Conservative Authors and Radical Readers 39
The Craftsman's Tools 48
Chapter Two Mutual Improvement 58
Scottish Overture II 59  Self-Culture  62
Proletarian Science  70  How They Got On  73
Chekhov in Canning Town  79   A Common Culture?   83
Chapter Three The Difference Between Fact and Fiction  92
Cinderella as Documentary  93  Audience Participation  98
Blood, Iron, and Scripture  102  New Crusoes  106
Pickwickian Realism 111
Chapter Four A Conservative Canon 116
A General Theory of Rubbish  120  The People's Bard  122
The Hundred Best Books  125    Everyman's Library  131
Catching Up 136
Chapter Five Willingly to School 146
A Better-Than-Nothing Institute 151
Possibilities of Infinitude  156  Strict but Just 168
Parental Support 172    Unmanly Education  177
Regrets and Discontents  182
Chapter Six Cultural Literacy in the Classic Slum 187
Sheffield 1918  190  Wagner and Hoot Gibson  196
Aristotle and Dr. Stopes  206  Current Affairs 220

The Right to Language  223
The Most Unlikely People Buy Books Now  230
Chapter Seven The Welsh Miners' Libraries   237
An Underground University  238
Marx, Jane Eyre, Tarzan 244
Decline and Fall 253
Chapter Eight The Whole Contention Concerning the Workers'
Educational Association  256
The Ruskin Rebellion  258   The Difficultyabout That 265
What Did the Students Want?  282   The Reward   292
Chapter Nine Alienation from Marxism   298
Evangelical Materalism  300   Have You Read Marx?  305
Unethical Socialism  307   Stalin Reads Thackeray  315
Chapter Ten The World Unvisited   321
Greyfriars' Children  322  Adolescent Propaganda  331
Marlborough and All That 335    A Map of the World  341
Building Jerusalem  350   To the West 353
Recessional 362
Chapter Eleven A Mongrel Library 365
The Function of Penny Dreadfuls 367
Poverty and Indiscrimination  371
Boys' Stories for Girls 379
The Dog That Was Down   381    Uses and Gratifications  386
Chapter Twelve What Was Leonard Bast Really Like?   393
Restricting Literacy  394
The Insubordination of the Clerks  401  The Bridge  413
By Office Boys for Office Boys 417  The Better Hole 421
Cultural Triage 431
Chapter Thirteen Down and Out in Bloomsbury 439
On the Fringe  439   Where is Bohemia?  447
Before the Youth Culture  453  What Went Wrong?   455
Notes 465
Index 518


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