Table of contents for Globalization of business : practice and theory / Abbas J. Ali.

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Chapter 1. The Theory and Practice of Globalization
Globalization Aspects
Definition of Globalization
Approaches to Globalization
Theories of Globalization
Chapter 2. Global Business Environment
Foreign Direct Investment
Financial Market
Beyond the Economic Crisis
Political and Social Environment
Political Aspects
Globalization and the Nation-State
Population, Poverty, and Health
Chapter 3. Globalization Discourse
Typology of the Current Discourse
Beyond Self-Delusion
Dominant Issues
Facing the Challenge
Issues for Concern
Chapter 4. Globalization Dimensions
The State of the Literature
Trade Dimension
International Relations
Developing an Integrated Approach to Globalization
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Chapter 5. Globalization and Regionalism
Regionalism: Conditions and Assumptions
Conditions for Successful RTPs
Prospects for Healthy Regional Trade Pacts
From Global Pillage to Global Village
Chapter 6. Global Corporations
Significance of Modern Firms
The Global Firm: A Definition
What Is a Global Company?
Making Globalization Work
Benefits of Being Global
Chapter 7. Structuring Global Organizations
What Is Organizational Structure?
Approaches to Organizational Structure
Structure in Practice
Chapter 8. Global Strategies
Strategy Perspectives
Evolution of Strategic Objectives and Approaches
Chapter 9. Globalization and Competitiveness
Changing the Competitive Landscape
National Competitiveness
Firm Competitiveness
Staying Competitive
Chapter 10. Global Managers
Management Qualities
Scholars' Perspective
Practitioners' Perspective
Confronting Myths
The Manager's Role
International Relations and Cooperation
Who Is the Global Manager?
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Chapter 11. Global Leadership
Necessity of Global Leadership
Jockeying for World Leadership
Possible World Power Rivals
The Nature of Global Conflict
The U.S. Role
Hegemony and Leadership
Global Leadership in the Twenty-First Century
Chapter 12. Global Backlash
Sources and Nature of Global Backlash
Unit of Analysis
Minimizing the Backlash