Table of contents for The game of war : the life and death of Guy Debord / Andrew Hussey.

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Part One: Dark Passage, 1931-57
1 The Lost Domain
2 'Umor' and the Suicide Solution
3 The Demolition Expert
4 Like a Pack of Bastard Dogs
5 Howling in Favour of Sade
6 Playtime
7 Who is 'Potlatch'?
8 Paris without Spectacle
Part Two: The Modem Art of Revolution 1957-61
9 The Wreckers of Civilisation
10 The Art of the Future
11 A Civil War in France
12 Scandals and Supreme Tricks
13 Psychogeographers at Work
14 Socialism and Barbarism
Part Three: Attack by Fire! 1962-72
15 No Dialogue with Cunts
16 Gangland and Philosophy
17 The Situationist International Anti-Public Relations Service
18 Exit, Far Left, the Mysterious Mr K
19 Heatwave
20 Days of Rage
21 Paris Awakes!
22 In Time of War
23 Is the Reichstag Burning?

24 Without Dead Time
25 Fall-Out
Part Four: Silence, Exile, 1972-84
26 Prince and Bandit
27 The Courtier
28 The Last Chance to Save Capitalism
29 Fortresses, Firebombs and Films
30 Terrorism and the State
31 The World is Illusion
Part Five: Death of a Prince, 1984-94
32 Death Instinct
33 Reflections on Violence
34 Bitter Victory
35 This Bad Reputation
36 The Prince of Division
Afterword: Spectators of Suicide