Table of contents for Handbook of geometric topology / edited by R.J. Daverman, R.B. Sher.

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1. Topics in transformation groups
A. Adem and J.F Davis
2. R-trees in topology, geometry, and group theory
M. Bestvina
3. Geometric structures on 3-manifolds
E Bonahon
4. Dehn surgery on knots
S. Boyer
5. Piecewise linear topology
J.L. Bryant
6. Geometric group theory
J.W. Cannon
7. Infinite dimensional topology and shape theory
A. Chigogidze
8. Nonpositive curvature and reflection groups
M. W Davis
9. Cohomological dimension theory
J. Dydak
10. Flows with knotted closed orbits
J. Franks and M.C. Sullivan
11. Nielsen fixed point theory
R. Geoghegan
12. Mapping class groups
N. V. Ivanov
13. Seifert manifolds
K.B. Lee and E Raymond
14. Quantum invariants of 3-manifolds
W.B.R. Lickorish
15. L2-invariants of regular coverings of compact manifolds and CW-complexes
W. Lack
16. Metric spaces of curvature > k
C. Plaut

17. Hyperbolic manifolds
J.G. Ratcliffe
18. Heegaard splittings of compact 3-manifolds
M. Scharlemann
19. Representations of 3-manifold groups
P.B. Shalen
20. Topological rigidity theorems
C.W. Stark
21. Homology manifolds
S. Weinberger
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