Table of contents for Poets of WWI : Wilfred Owen & Isaac Rosenberg / Harold Bloom, editor.

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Biography of Wilfred Owen
Thematic Analysis of"Dulce et Decorum Est"
Critical Views on "Dulce et Decorum Est"
Edmund Blunden: Wilfred Owen on His Vision of War
Desmond Graham on Narrative Distance
Mark Van Doren on the Pity of War
Thematic Analysis of "Strange Meeting"
Critical Views on "Strange Meeting"
Dylan Thomas on Owen's Development as a Poet
Ted Hughes on the Legacy of Owen
Elliott B. Gose Jr. on Universality in "Strange Meeting"
Dominic Hibberd on Owen's Other
Thematic Analysis of "Anthem for Doomed Youth"
Critical Views on "Anthem for Doomed Youth"
Philip Larkin Reviews The Collected Poems
Siegfried Sassoon on Meeting Wilfred Owen
Jon Silken on Owen and Consolation in "Anthem for Doomed Youth"
Dominic Hibberd on Owen's Romantic Inheritance
David Daiches on Owen and Language
Thematic Analysis of "Futility"
Critical Viws on "Futility"
C. Day Lewis on Owen's Reaction to the War
Gertrude M. White on War as a Violation of Nature
Arthur E. Lane on "Futility"
D. S. R. Welland on Owen's Use of Half-Rhyme
Biography of Isaac Rosenberg
Thematic Analysis of "The Dead Heroes"
Critical Views on "The Dead Heroes"
Bernard Bergonzi on Rosenberg Versus Other War Poets
Horace Gregory on Rosenberg's Isolation
David Daiches on Rosenberg's Place in English Poetry

Thematic Analysis of "Break of Day in the Trenches"
Critical Views on "Break of Day in the Trenches"
Siegfried Sassoon on Rosenberg's Experimentation with Language
D. W. Harding on the Dialectical Imagination
Jean Moorcroft Wilson on Rosenberg's Paintings
Matt Simpson on Reading "Break of Day"
Thematic Analyis of "Dead Man's Dump"
Critical Views on "Dead Man's Dump"
Rosenberg Lectures on Art
Marius Bewley on Rosenberg's Strengths Compared
to Wilfred Owen
Jean Liddiard on the Half-Used Life
Desmond Graham on Rosenberg Between Life and Death
Jon Silken and the "Idea" in Rosenberg
Thematic Analyis of "A Worm Fed on the Heart of Corinth"
Critical Views on "A Worm Fed on the Heart of Corinth"
Joseph Cohen on the Fall of Empire
Paul Fussell on the Life of Isaac Rosenberg
Jean Liddiard on the Practical Problems Rosenberg Overcame
Works by the Poets of World War I
Works About World War I Poets
Index of Themes and Ideas