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Table of contents for A prosperous way down : principles and policies / Howard T. Odum and Elisabeth C. Odum.

Part I  The Approaching Summit
1    Introduction to the Way Down
2     The Present Condition
3     Intellectual Views of the Future
Part II  System Principles
4    The Ways of Energy and Materials in All Systems
5     Pulsing and the Growth Cycle
6     Real Wealth and the Economy
7    Spatial Organization
8     Population and Wealth
Part IlII  Policies for Transition and Descent
9    The Global Network
10    Energy Sources
11    Sustaining a Nation
12    Sustaining People
13    Starting Down
14    Reorganizing Cities
15    Restoring Waters
16    Refreshing the Landscape
17     Transmitting Knowledge
18     Preparing People
19     Summary for Action