Table of contents for Sisters in the struggle : African American women in the civil rights-black power movement / edited by Bettye Collier-Thomas and V.P. Franklin.

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P A R T I: Laying the Groundwork: African American
Women and Civil Rights Before 1950
1 "Closed Doors": Mary McLeod Bethune on
Civil Rights
Introduction by Elaine M. Smith
Mary McLeod Bethune
2 For the Race in General and Black Women in
Particular: The Civil Rights Activities of African
American Women's Organizations, 1915-50
V. P. Franklin and Bettye Collier-Thomas
3 Behind-the-Scenes View of a Behind-the-Scenes
Organizer: The Roots of Ella Baker's Political Passions
Barbara Ransby
P A R T i I: Personal Narratives
4 "Tired of Giving In": The Launching of the
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Rosa Parks
5 "Heirs to a Legacy of Struggle": Charlayne Hunter
Integrates the University of Georgia
Charlayne Hunter Gault
6  "We Wanted the Voice of a Woman to Be Heard":
Black Women and the 1963 March on Washington
Dorothy I. Height

P A R T I I: Women, Leadershi, and Civil Rights
7  "We Seek to Know... in Order to Speak the Truth":
Nurturing the Seeds of Discontent-Septima P. Clark
and Participatory Leadership
Jacqueline A. Rouse
8 African American Women in the Mississippi
Freedom Democratic Party
Vicki Crawford
9 Anger, Memory, and Personal Power:
Fannie Lou Hamer and Civil Rights Leadership
Chana Kai Lee
PA R T I V: From Civil Rights to Black Power:
African American Women and Nationalism
10  "Chronicle of a Death Foretold": Gloria Richardson,
the Cambridge Movement, and the Radical Black
Activist Tradition
Sharon Harley
11  Black Women and Black Power: The Case of Ruby
Doris Smith Robinson and the Student Nonviolent
Coordinating Committee
Cynthia Griggs Fleming
12 "Ironies of the Saint": Malcolm X, Black Women,
and the Price of Protection
Farah Jasmine Griffin
13  "No One Ever Asks What a Man's Role in the
Revolution Is": Gender Politics and Leadership
in the Black Panther Party, 1966-71
Tracye A. Matthews
PA R T V: Law, Feminism, and Politics
14 "Joanne Is You and Joanne Is Me": A Consideration of
African American Women and the "Free Joan Little"
Movement, 1974-75
Genna Rae McNeil

15  From the Kennedy Commission to the Combahee
Collective: Black Feminist Organizing,-1960-80
Duchess Harris
16  The Civil Rights-Black Power Legacy: Black
Women Elected Officials at the Local, State,
and National Levels
Linda Faye Williams
Selected Bibliography
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