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Table of contents for Women and American Judaism : historical perspectives / edited by Pamela S. Nadell and Jonathan D. Sarna.


Pamela S. Nadell and Jonathan D. Sarna                           I

Holly Snyder                                                        15
        Queens of the Household: The Jewish Women of British America,

Aviva Ben-Ur                                                        46
        The Exceptional and the Mundane: A Biographical Portrait
        of Rebecca Machado Phillips (1746-I831)

Dianne Ashton                                                       8I
        Shifting Veils: Religion, Politics, and Womanhood in the
        Civil War Writings of American Jewish Women

Karla Goldman                                                      I07
        The Public Religious Lives of Cincinnati's Jewish Women

William Toll                                                       1 28
        From Domestic Judaism to Public Ritual: Women and
        Religious Identity in the American West

Felicia Herman                                                     148
        From Priestess to Hostess: Sisterhoods of Personal
        Service in New York City, I887-I936

Eric L. Goldstein                                                  182
        Between Race and Religion: Jewish Women and
        Self-Definition in Late-Nineteenth-Century America


Beth S. Wenger                                                       201
        Mitzvah and Medicine: Gender, Assimilation, and the
        Scientific Defense of "Family Purity"

Regina Stein                                                         223
        The Road to Bat Mitzvah in America

Shuly Rubin Schwartz                                                 235
        Ambassadors without Portfolio? The Religious Leadership
        of Rebbetzins in Late-Twentieth-Century American Jewish Life

Joyce Antler                                                         268
        Justine Wise Polier and the Prophetic Tradition

Deborah E. Lipstadt                                                  29I
        Feminism and American Judaism: Looking Back at the Turn
        of the Century

        List of Contributors                                         309
        Index                                                        313