Table of contents for The cultural politics of Duke Cosimo I de'Medici / edited by Konrad Eisenbichler.

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1     Francesco Vettori, Francesco Guicciardini and Cosimo I:
the Prince after Machiavelli
Marcello Simonetta
2     A Republic in Jeopardy: Cosimo I de' Medici and the
Republic of Lucca
Mary Hewlett
3     Cosimo I and the Anglo-French Negotiations of 1550
Laura E. Hunt
4     Cellini's Trial for Sodomy: Power and Patronage at the
Court of Cosimo I
Margaret A. Gallucci
5     Lessons from the Past: the Palazzo Medici as Political
'Mentor' in Sixteenth-Century Florence
Roger J. Crum
6     Claiming a Place in History: Giorgio Vasari's
Ragionamenti and the Primacy of the Medici
Paola Tinagli
7     Cosimo's Cavallo: a Study in Imperial Imagery
Mary Weitzel Gibbons

8     Lorenzo Torrentino and the Cultural Programme
of Cosimo I de' Medici
Antonio Ricci
9     The Reception of Dante in the Time of Cosimo I
Mary Alexandra Watt
10    Fasseli gratia perpoetessa: Duke Cosimo I de' Medici's
Role in the Florentine Literary Circle of Tullia d'Aragona
Deana Basile
11    Cosimo and Eleonora in Shepherdland: a Lost Eclogue
by Laura Battiferra degli Ammannati
Victoria Kirkham
12    The Accademia del Disegno and Fellowships of
Discourse at the Court ofCosimo I de' Medici
Karen-edis Barzman
13    Ritual and Parody in Mid-Cinquecento Florence:
Cosimo de' Medici and the Accademia del Piano
Domenico Zanre
14    An Experimental Culture: the Art of the Economy and
the Economy of Art under Cosimo I and Francesco I
Philip Gavitt
15    The High Baroque Tapestries of the Life of Cosimo I:
the Man and His Myth in the Service of Ferdinando II
James Harper