Table of contents for Sturkie's avian physiology / edited by G. Causey Whittow.

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Counter O. Güntürkün, Sensory Physiology: Vision.
R. Necker, Avian Ear and Hearing.
J.R. Mason, Chemical Senses.
R. Necker, Somato-Sensory System.
R. Necker, Functional Anatomy of the Spinal Cord.
J.L. Dubbeldam, Motor Control System.
W.J. Kuenzel, Autonomic Nervous System.
A.L. Harvey and I.G. Marshall, Muscle.
D.R. Jones and N.H. West, Cardiovascular System.
F.L. Powell and G.S. Mitchell, Respiration.
D.L. Goldstein and E. Skadhauge, Body Fluid Regulation, Renal Physiology Acid-Base Ballance.
D.M. Denbow, Gastro-Intestinal Physiology.
C.R. Blem, Energy Balance.
W.R. Dawson and G.C. Whittow, Thermoregulation.
P.J. Butler, Physiology of Flight.
C.G. Scanes, Introduction to Endocrinology Pituitary Gland.
F.M.A. McNabb, Thyroids.
C.G. Dacke, Parathyroid, Vitamin D and Calcitonin Hormones.
S. Harvey and R. Carsia, Adrenals.
R.L. Hazelwood, Pancreas.
E. Gwinner and M. Hau, Pineal Gland Circadian Rhythm, Photoperiodism.
A.L. Johnson, Reproduction in the Female Bird.
D.P. Froman and J. Kirby, Reproduction in the Male Bird.
H. Tazawa and G.C. Whittow, Incubation Physiology.
Cogburn, Physiology of Growth and Development.
B. Glick, Immunophysiology.
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