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Counter Foundational Issues in American Educational Policy:
D. Pullin, Whose Schools Are These and What Are They For? The Role of the Rule of Law in Defining Educational Opportunity in American Public Education.
M.E. Goertz, The Finance of American Public Education: Challenges of Equity, Adequacy and Efficiency.
M. Kennedy, Infusing Educational Decision Making with Research.
A.T. Lumpe, The Role of Philosophy in Educational Reforms: Never the Twain Shall Meet?
Local, State, National, and International Perspectives:
H.R. Michaels and S. Ferarra, Evolution of Educational Reform in Maryland: Using Data to Drive State Policy and Local Reform.
J. Engler and G. Whitney, Michigan: The State of Education Reform.
E.D. Roeber, Standards Initiatives and American Educational Reform.
J.G. Cibulka, Moving Toward an Accountable System of K-12 Education: Alternative Approaches and Challenges.
M.L. Bourque, The Role of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in Setting, Reflecting, and Linking National Education Policy with States' Needs.
H.W. Stevenson and B.K. Hofer, Education Policy in the United States and Abroad: What Can We Learn from Each Other.
Intersections of Theory, Policy, Politics and Practice:
T.G. Dunn, Policy and Practical Implications of Theoretical Innovations in Education.
K.K. Wong, Political Institutions and Educational Policy.
R.E. Slavin, Success for All: Policy Consequences of Replicable Schoolwide Reform.
L. Troy, The Impact of the Teachers' Unions on Educational Policy and Outcomes.
R.E. Slavin, The Pendulum Revisited: Faddism in Education and Its Alternatives.
J.K. Maney, The Role of Technology in Education: Reality, Pitfalls, and Potential.
Methodological Advances for Educational Policy Analysis:
H.J. Walberg and J-S. Lai, Meta-Analytic Effects for Policy.
J.W. Creswell, Mixed-Method Research: Introduction and Application.
J.D. Willms, Basic Concepts in Hierarchical Linear Modeling with Applications for Policy Analysis.
American Educational Policy Making: Past and Future:
G.J. Cizek and V. Ramaswamy, American Educational Policy: Constructing Crises and Crafting Solutions.
A.C. Lewis, Educational Policy Analysis: The Treads Behind, the Trends Ahead. Resources.
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